Operational Plan Assignment Anwers

1 An operational plan can define a plan composed by the organization that is made to achieve the organization goal and supports the strategic objectives and plan for upper management. its need to develop various strategic so, that it develops operational plan to important the stages. Its main objectives are to give a clear presentation of the organization duties and responsibilities.

  • Business strategy and planning documents: Business objective and KPI, Business strategy, Vision, Values culture mission, New project and service document strategy, Annual strategy human resource plan.
  • Current project: Membership, building marketing plan, Corporate making plan and Maturity advertising brief.
  • Project outcomes: creative brief introduction of the corporate fitness program, product and service, Corporate marketing plan and Maturity advertising brief review.

Resources: Human and physical resources (Current and future) financial resource.

  • Human resource: Human resources are the mandatory key for any organization this is the cost of people that exit within the organization: Code of principles, Communication policy, Personal development policy, Staff reward and recognize policy, Employee assistance program policy, Employ relation policy, Retirement policy, Diversity policy, Staff instruction policy, Communication policy and fair work information statement.
  • Physical resource: physical resources are the tangible resources that are available in the company which can be touch, feel and buy: Land, Building, Water, Machinery and manufacturing equipment, Vehicles and distribution network, Equipment and hard work.
  • Finance resource (current and future): Without financial resources organization cannot be run capital and budget planning are the example of current and future financial resource.

2 I would like to consult with the management committee who helps to decide, who should be involved in the strategic planning process, to make the plan effective stake like the management staff, employee, volunteers, customers, suppliers are required to implementing the plan and make it effected. In an organization a good management plan is required for the achievement of the business goal. Contributing to the effective plan is not the one -person task. Community achieves funding bodies are required to contribute to it is development and plan. The management’s committee will monitor the implementing plan.

I will inform them through the email addressing the venue and time for the meeting, after making the decision of development of planning. I will pre-check that all the participants can be able to attend the meeting or not.

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3 Key performance indicates define that in an organization there are several factors issue that head to point and monitor it’s the way of measurement and evaluation of the business which progress in the desired direction. The development of KPIs has to take time but it doesn’t need to be difficult. It defines the organization and measure progress toward the organization goals, objectives and analyses, it is used to define how much our company is being successful throughout the period of time. It also helps to combine all the sources, information, calculate and define each measure and set the time table for the idea of the monthly data. So that the leader can track progress and implement change to analysis whether the plan is progress toward the goal or not. It depends These are: Human and physical resources require, Cash flow forecast, Gross profit, Inventory tur over, sales, Financial metrics and KPIs and Budget required.

4 Contingency plans are the back-up plan of the organization. Which is intended to respond successfully to significant future events or situations that may or may not happen. Because sometime the plan which we had developed can’t be long term. The operational and management unit contains:

  • Expense and capital require for the support of the organizational construction – provide a basic to identify the manufacture these costs can’t be matched with capital requirement.
  • Organization structure of the company- deliver an operating expense and financial statement, be confirm these statements are heavily analysed by catalogue the organization structures has to be well demarcated. 

5 Project Management Planning

Resource Planning

Overview of resource planning;

A project manager’s primary role is to find a way to successfully execute project with in these resources restraints. Because every organization has a incomplete number of resources to perform tasks. Resources planning is comprised of a establishing a team that possess the skill required to perform the work as well as scheduling the non-labour resources and process that enable the staff to complete the project.

The total size of project team is driven by two principle factors. One is total number of tasks to be performed effort needed to perform the task. In our organization we need to add a greater number of people to an actively creates the needs for additional communication and may also increase the need for the equipment or tool. Tams required a significant amount of coordination and team work. Finding available staff with the skill required, to perform a task is critical to project success. It is helpful in planning process to develop a list of skill required.

The plan which has been layout need to formulate the financial plans and budgets. All the plan that has been drawn out need to play on action for the achievement of the company. The CEO and Board of the director of our company will analyses the plan and then provide an approval.

6 It needs to get approval from the member of the company, after making the plan of the company. The manager, board of the director, or supervisor of the company will analyse the plan and they will decide where the plan needs to be approved or not. After the plan will get approval then it needs to be informed to all the participants of the company. We need their approval because when the operational plan is signed by delegated people then the plan will become the policy of the organization. As we create a new plan in an organization, it needs to share with all the members of the company. Otherwise, the plan will not be effective as needs to make. I will create a short meeting between the team members to inform the plan, S0 that I can explain the plan to each of them. Sometime some members will be unable to attend the meeting due to circumstance. In that case, I will text the email with a full brief explanation as soon as possible of the plan.

Assessment-5 (Role play)

We have a company the name of Woolworth in Dandenong city. I am a manager of the company. And under my observation Deepak (as cleaner) work in the company. We have an issue that some staff complains that Mr: Deepak is behaving rudely with staff and he has not been cleaning properly since last two weeks and not focusing on his work. So, I called him for the meeting in my office.

Situation: Poorperformanceatwork.

Me: hey, Deepak, how are you?

Deepak: Hello sir, I am good, how are you?

Me: me too, Deepak some staff are complaining me you are not working properly and your behaviour also not good with staff.

Deepak: Sir I have been suffering from problem, because my wife has admitted at hospital. She has been suffering from back pain and doctor is saying me, she is recovering, but she will discharge next week. I am very sorry sir; it will not happen again.

Me: Ok Deepak no worries, I will try to help you, but you need to focus on your work more carefully, now you can go. Thank you.

Deepak: Thank you sir,

(as understanding his problem and as he is one of the best employees of the company. I gave him one week leave to take care of his wife and told him not to repeat his mistake again.)

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