Organizational Structure, Change & Sustainability Assignment Sample


Organizational structure defines the role of different human resources within an organization. This way it covers the study of activities such as task allocation, coordination, and supervision that will be followed. The different types of organizational structures exist in the real world. These include matrix structure, functional structure, divisional structure, and others. The change is applied in the organization so that the organization can be equipped with the latest information inputs and skills that could help in attaining long-term goals and objectives. Sustainability is the main target of every organization. It ensures that the organization maintains its existence in the market for a longer time. Sustainability would require achieving long-term target goals and objectives (Abiodun, 2009).

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Pedagogical aim:

The concept of organizational structure helps in understanding the role of different human resources within an organization. The different kind of organizational structure defines the way management is done within an organization. The concept of sustainability reveals that every organization strives for existence in the long run. Therefore they take such actions or develop such strategies that would ensure the attainment of long-term benefits and goals for the organization.

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