Power Point Presentation on Restaurant Cafe ABC

We need a Power Point presentation which takes a business ABC which is a cafe restaurant in Sydney, which is trying to expand its operation by turning itself into a fine dining restaurant. We need at-least 15 slides it needs to be 10 minute presentation. Cafe ABC is a simple restaurant which offers breakfast food and burgers and chips which is simple preparation. To become a fine dining restaurant it has to expand its operation this includes staff, equipment, decor of the restaurant. Expanding operation would require investment of money, time would also disrupt the present operation Talk about the risks involved in the business What are the strengths and weaknesses of the operation at the moment.( SWOT analysis) Talk about purchasing equipment like new oven, char-grill in the kitchen and explain Break-Even Analysis show with details. Gap analysis between a Fine dining restaurant and Cafe ABC show how it requires additional trained staff.

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Explain how it is taking a big risk it is taking. Power Point Presentation should have slides showing

  1. Background information, organisation and topic, Clearly identify the project topic. Provide sufficient background information about the business and/or situation for audience to understand the context of the issue. Include reasons why the topic is important.
  2. Research Methodology Discuss the approach taken for your research. Include information regarding the assembly of primary and/or secondary data
  3. Theories and conceptual tools Provide a summary of the frameworks adopted and justify their use.
  4. Data analysis and evaluation Briefly discuss your analysis and evaluation of the information gathered
  5. Recommendations Describe major recommendations based on your overall analysis and evaluation Content organisation Provide the audience with a clear sequence and path of information

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