Professional Management Report on Adidas of 3,500 Words

You are tasked to develop a professional management report of 3,500 words (+/- 10%).

Please see the details below related to the content of the assessment.

Assessment Content
This individual report should address the following:

  • 1) Research an organization, map, and describe its global supply chain, both upstream and downstream. 15%
  • The chosen organization should be a multinational/global company. You are required to briefly describe the overview of the company and map its Global Supply Chain, both upstream and downstream. The map should be developed by the student; however, it can be based on a collection of information from external sources.
  • 2) Identify and critically evaluate the current supply chain management strategies/practices of your chosen organization and the impact on the performance of the organization. A minimum of 5 practices or strategies are required. 20%
  • 3)The students are required to use a range of theoretical materials, industry/sector/markets, and company information to critically evaluate the supply chain management strategies/practices of the organization. The identified strategies should provide their distinctive impact on the performance of the organization.
  • 4) Identify and justify many supply chain management practices that would enable the organization to improve its performance. 30%

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Students are required to identify several theoretical and industry supply chain management and improvement practices that would enable the chosen organization to elevate its performance. The practices (or strategies) identified should overall address the three pillars of sustainability economic, social, and environmental. A minimum of 5 practices or strategies are required.

This question is basically about finding additional practices from the literature that the chosen organization is not currently using. In essence, the practices identified should be different from the practices identified in question 1.

  Applying theoretical methods, select the most appropriate set of supply chain management practices and demonstrate why they are the most appropriate to enable the organization to improve its overall performance. 25%

As companies have limited resources for the implementation of practices, usually they prioritize or select the most relevant set of practices. Therefore, students are required to identify some models from the literature for comparative analysis of the practices and critically evaluate the recommended practices. Demonstrate why the chosen practices are the most appropriate for the organization or why the organization should prioritize the practices.

This question is basically about comparing all the practices identified in question 3 and prioritizing some of them.

10% grades are assigned for the executive summary and presentation/formatting of the report.

Assessment Criteria

Please refer to the details provided in the presentation during the assignment launch session. Below is just a summary of the criteria.
• Demonstration of analytical skills in working with data and problem-solving;
• Evidence of critical approach in your writing;
• Evidence of skillful and critical application of the theoretical models/concepts to address the assessment task.
• Use of a wide range of credible academic and professional sources to develop arguments;
• Evidence of wider reading;
• Use of relevant and up-to-date information on the chosen company;


• Written in professional management report format;
• The report should be appropriately referenced and cited using the Harvard Referencing System;
• You are required to produce an Executive summary as part of your report it will not count towards the word count;
• The report should be written in the third person;
• structured with headings and subheadings;
• Word processed using 1.5 line spacing. Font 12 Arial or Times New Roman.

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