Project Management Assignment Topic Answers

Project Instruction

A portfolio is a collection of works related to the competency for which you are required to provide evidence. This collection of work is often gathered over some time to reflect what you have learned and the evidence gathered from recent work.

Each task in the project is required to be an authentic reflection of what you have

done, demonstrating your current knowledge and skills. Please ensure your name

appears on each piece of work submitted.

Criteria for evidence

Element 1 - Define project

Element 2 - Develop a project plan

Element 3 - Administer and monitor project

Element 4 - Finalise project

Element 5 - Review project


You have been nominated as the Project Manager for the below project' you are the Director and MichaelWayman, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Blue Mountains Estate coffee ptv r-tJ, *ith rtor"r throughout Australasia. The Head office is located at Suite 5, Level 4 Clarence House, Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000' Each State holds its own conferences at varying times of the year. ln November, NSW holds its Sydney Regional Conference.

The Sydney Regional team consists of:

  • The CEO who is based in Head Office.
  • . Director of Company (this is you).
  • The Sydney Region Sales and Marketing Manager'
  • 4 RegionalManagers.

. 10 Sales personnel,2 persons have special dietary needs

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Read the following information before beginning this task.

  • The Sydney regional conference takes place in the first week of November each year and is held
  • over two days. Allow no more than two nights accommodation.
  • Read the Blue Mountains Estate Coffee Pty Ltd - Extract from Policy and Procedures Manual
  • This will explain the company policy for travel and accommodation.
  • . This yea/s conference is held at the Gold Coast Conference Centre, Broadbeach QLD. The
  • conference budget is $30'000.00'
  • . This year's theme is Product Promotion. An Australian guest speaker specializing in Marketing is
  • to be arranged, see for suggestions and pricing.
  • r All members of the Sydney Regional team will be attending the conference, accommodation and all
  • meals at the conference center, and travel needs to be arranged in accordance with the company
  • policy and Procedure' o you will need to organize half-day small group workshops for both days and social activities for
  • outside conference hours.

Task 1 : Research and analysis of project management tools

1 ) Undertake research to find three planning and project management tools that could be used for administering, monitoring, finalizing and reviewing a project.

2) Explain the following:

  • Why do you think the tools would be effective or ineffective?
  • Whether all tools would be good at all stages of the project management cycles. Why or why not?
  • Could you use a tool for one aspect of the project and use another tool for another aspect within the project? Explain

Task 2 : Part A-define project short report

Prepare a short report that should contains the following

  • Project tile
  • Project purpose/objectives
  • Project scope
  • Explain how you identified and understood the scope of the project assigned
  • Explain who are the project stakeholders/clients/sponsors etc
  • Explain the relationship of the project tpo the organization's mission, objectives, goals and operations
  • Legislative and quality standards
  • Reporting requirements
  • Resource requirements
  • Human, financial, physical/technical

Task1 Part B: Develop, administer and monitor project

use project management tools to develop and implement a project plan which includes

  • Deliverables
  • Worl breakdown
  • Budget and allocation of resources
  • Timelines

Answers the following questions :

  • explain processes for identifying and managing risk in a project
  • explain how you will consult and communicate with relevant stakeholders to generate input and engagement in planning
  • explain how you will provide support to team members to enable them to achieve deliverables and to transmit them as appropriate at the completion of the project
  • Outlines the legislative and regulatory content of the organization in relation to project work.

Task 2 : part C: finalize and review the project

Answers the following

  • Explain procedures and processes that are relevant to managing and finishing the project consider the following
  • Documentation/record keeping

Sign-offs/lines of authority/approvals r Reporting. Give suggestions on how you would finalise the project recognising the achievements of the team

2 Review and document the project outcomes against the project scope "ffptT")

3 Document lessons learned from the project

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