Quality And Risk Management - SBS MSc Assignment Abu Dhabi, UAE

The following questions pertain to the article by Jayagobi, Raut and Chong (2015).

Answer all the following questions:

Question 1:

What are the wastes that can identified in the hospital as described in the above-mentioned article? What is the financial impact of these wastes?

Question 2:

What was the proposed improvement project? What were the objectives and what was the intervention/ solution proposed? How would the hospital know that their interventions eliminated or reduce the problem they were facing?

Question 3:

Propose and explain 3 tools that would have been used by the improvement team during the plan stage of the PDCA cycle. Justify the selection of each tool by highlighting the expected benefits of each tool

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Question 4:

What was the purpose of the use of the survey? What analysis can be withdrawn from the survey results?

Question 5:

What improvements have taken place at the end of the project?

Question 6:

Why did doctors change their practice quickly at the end of the intervention?

Question 7:

Is there any evidence in the literature that supports the significance of using quality improvement projects using PDCA, Lean, Six Sigma and its impact on performance, efficiency and safety?


Ong, I., Jayagobi, P. A., Raut, P., & Chong, C. Y. (2015). Judicious utilization of healthcare resources: reducing unindicated pediatric anaerobic blood cultures in a pediatric hospital. The Journal for Healthcare Quality (JHQ), 37(3), 199-205.

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