Reflection Writing Hero and Zero CV

Reflect upon your Hero and Zero CV, your diary entries or any insight gained over the teaching period to enhance your understanding of yourself. The goal of a reflection is to gain insight to the lessons of your experiences. This is the most important part of this assignment. There are three components to the Reflection:

  • report,
  • analysis and interpretation, and


Report your findings about yourself. The activities, readings and questions are experiments that you conducted upon yourself. What happened when you undertook these activities, read the readings and answered the questions? Summarise and report these results from your diary entries.

Analysis and Interpretation:

You are expected to look back retrospectively at the results you reported. Adopt a high level view to tease out the patterns that exist in your experiences in the course. Apply course concepts to look at the Hero and Zero entries, and other diary entries you may have made to draw conclusions about your understanding of leadership, what it means to be a leader, your assessment of your leadership capabilities, assumptions that drive you, and default approaches to situations that may exist within you. Here are some starter questions to focus your analysis and interpretation. Please note that these are trigger questions only and are intended to aid your reflection. Do not use these trigger questions as headings, or structure your paragraphs around each of them.

  • Did you have difficulty identifying Hero moments? Why? What does that say about what you know about yourself? Similarly for Zero moments.
  • Are there patterns in your Hero and Zero moments? What is(are) the common element(s)? Note you can make comparisons between Hero and Hero moment, Zero and Zero moments as well as between Hero and Zero moments.
  • Why are they common?
  • Did you learn anything about why your Hero moments occurred? That is do you understand enough about them to reproduce them mindfully?
  • What are the key assumptions that drive your actions as a leader? Why do you hold these assumptions?
  • Do you have a default approach to problems?
  • Did this affect your Hero/Zero moments?
  • To what extent do you practice the capabilities of the DLM?
    • Are you a good Sensemaker? What evidence do you have?
    • Are you good at Relating? What evidence do you have?
    • Are you good at Visioning? What evidence do you have?
    • Are you good at Inventing? What evidence do you have?
    • Why do you rate yourself this way? Do you think your peers and subordinates would rate you the same way?
    • Did you treat an adaptive challenge as a technical challenge? Why?
  • Can you see patterns playing out in other parts of your professional or personal life?
  • How effective have you been?
  • How might you be more effective in your positions (or even in life)?


Having analysed your Hero/Zero moments, ask yourself what does this mean? Essentially, you are sensemaking your results and analysis. This answers the question of what have you learnt about yourself? This is a big picture perspective. You may find contradictions; you may find hidden strengths or unknown weaknesses. Link these insights back to the capabilities of the DLM i.e. the extent and quality to which you practice these capabilities.


The last part is to inform action. Having gained an insight to yourself, you need to develop

  • What have you done well and should continue to do?
  • What specific behaviour should you stop engaging in? Why?
  • What specific behaviour should you start engaging? Why?

In this last section, it is more than just 3 sentences. The identification of these behaviours should be flow from the data to your analysis and your interpretation. You must relate these actions back to the capabilities of the DLM.

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  1. Hero Moment/s:
  • Happier is the man who achieve what they strive for. So do I. It goes long back after my graduation back home. Usually, before graduation, most of the companies and the other organisations’ top officials visit our college and hold the interviews for final year students as a pre-selection process. Unlike other students, I was not good performer in my studies and almost all papers were with average ratings. I thought of skipping those interviews but one of my friends insisted me to do. So as to cope up with the interview techniques I attended on random thinking and the result was unknown to me. A few months later, after my graduation I went to capital city to look for the job yet the outcome was not favourable. One day I received a call from the fixed landline number. I was nervous to receive it yet I received hesitantly. A official from one of the Development Banks called my name and said that I was selected for their company as a Project Officer. Moreover, I was given a date to report to the office for contract signing. This was a moment I have been looking for, despite my poor academic performance.
  • During my stay as a banker I was busy doing the same things all the time and it made me bore. I requested the management for transfer to one of the branch offices and the management did same. I was appointed as an Assistant Branch Manager in one of the branch offices. The work load as compared to the head office seems lighter with less burden. Most of my colleagues were active and initiative. They worked hard so as to achieve the required targets for the financial year. As our performance rating were mainly based upon the parameters of quantitative and qualitative banking performance, one of my colleagues initiated a hybrid product to mobilize and educate the saving habits for rural farmers or community as a whole. We put up in the management meeting. It was accepted and approved. After management’s approval we marketed the product in the rural areas and mobilized handsome savings. That was the main motive of our development bank to uplift the living standard of rural community and educate them the saving habits. After a year, I received an email with an attachment of ‘office order’. It was a promotion notice. I was promoted as a Branch Manager to one of the branch offices with immediate effect. I was even selected for training on ‘Young Bank Managers’ in India and Thailand. This was the outcome due to my colleagues hard effort.
  • Once we are employed, our performance is always measured in qualitative and quantitative parameters which are the path way to the promotions and gaining the incentives from the company. Being trained from various institutes, I applied my skills and knowledges in related fields to achieve set targets for the financial year. It was a miraculous achievement that my branch office has achieved all the targets. We received appreciation certificate along with the cash price from the management. Even the bonus for the year was declared for lumpsum of three months basic pay.
  1. Zero Moment/s:
  • I have been working in banking sector for almost a decade and I have some ideas about the stock exchanges. We do investment in shares and other securities in the stock market through some brokers. We enjoy the fruit of our investment. After reaching Australia as an international student I came to know about the online financial trading through so many social medias. I thought of doing some investment and make some profit out it. I opened my financial account with consultation from the one of the financial trading agents. They even gave me some rough training on how to trade and where to make the investments. After my few hours training I started buying and selling business in currency depending upon the stock market trading position of various currencies. With the investment of a few dollars I started gaining some profits in the beginning. Gradually, days after days, I found that status of my financial trading account getting worse. Again I consulted my agent and invested some more amount in it, yet the results was negative. After losing some thousands of dollars I closed my financial trading account and stopped doing the blunder things, which was more or less the scam business.
  • After my training at those institutes, I have planned to replicate and put up note sheet to the management to launch the Point of Sale (POS) machine to every business holders so as to ease the customers and make the banking facilities available to their door step. I put up an agenda to be discussed during annual conference at head office. During the meeting, I have presented and elaborated on the functions and usages of POS machine. It’s simple and effective with easy access to banking facilities. Most of my colleagues like my concept and supported the idea to bring such facilities into effect and launch it immediately. Despite my hard effort to convince the management for approval of such facilities, the management didn’t approve my proposal on the ground of following reasons:
  • Machine was very expensive and will be huge burden for the bank,
  • Most of the rural customers may not know to use and it will take much time to educate them,
  • The marketing expense will be huge and negative impact on the performance of the bank, and
  • The extra amount will be incurred to incorporate in the system which is quite expensive.

Later, after almost a year, one of the commercial banks came up with same idea and launched immediately and found much more effective.

  • Education is must. After being employed, it doesn’t mean ones learning is stopped. Rather it’s just a beginning. I was planning to pursue my further studies in Australia with the scholarship from my company. Yearly two candidates are selected for such scholarship program. I applied to the management for approval. They put up in agenda for Human Resource(HR) committee meeting. Despite my dedication and hard work for benefit of customers, stakeholders and company as a whole, my application was rejected on the ground that two candidates have been already selected. With this I skipped to be re-applied for next program. After a year-long waiting, again my application was rejected. The company was not fair. I was really dishearten and put up resignation letter to enable me to pursue tertiary studies in Australia.

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