Research Topic:The Effects of loan to Deposit Ratio on Risk assets creation of banks

Chapter one
1.1 Background of the problem
1.2 Statement of the problem
1.3 Objective of the study
1.4 Relevant Research Questions
1.5 Statement of hypothesis
1.6 scope of the study
1.7 Limitation of the study
1.8 Significance of the study
1.9 Definition of Operational Terms

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Chapter Two
Review of Related Literatur
Chapter three
3.0 Research Design
3.1 Source of Data
3.2 Population of study
3.3 Determination of sample size
3.4 Instruments of data collection
3.5 Administration of the Questionnaires
3.6 Validation of Research Instruments
3.7 Reliability of Research Instruments
3.8 Methods of Data analysis
Chapter Four
4.1 Data presentation
4.2 Data Analysis
Chapter Five
5.1 Summary of Findings
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendations
5.4 Areas for further studying
Note:The referencing Style is APA referencing .
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