Assessment Task 2

Safety Improvement Plan (3000 words, 60%)

DUE Thursday, 23 May, 2024

Purpose of Assessment Task 2

This purpose of this assessment task is to provide you with an opportunity to develop skills in planning for a quality or safety improvement initiative in the
future. This assessment task requires you to demonstrate the cognitive, technical and creative skills to investigate, analyse and synthesise information, and
creativity and to use initiative to design a program that addresses a significant safety and/ or clinical risk issue.

Task Description

Present a written proposal for a Safety Improvement Plan that aims to address an important patient safety problem in a particular health care setting or
organisation related to either National Safety and Quality Healthcare: Preventing and controlling healthcare-associated infection, Medication Safety or
Comprehensive Care. Your proposal should provide a critical discussion of the implementation and evaluation of your selected safety improvement initiative
to address the selected problem/s. Your plan should be underpinned by patient safety theory and principles and include a clear explanation of the clinical problem
you wish to address, a strong argument that describes and justifies the safety initiative, identifies required support, discusses potential barriers, and describes
improvement measures and evaluation.

The plan should include the following:

Summary of the clinical/selected safety problem, concern or issue and description of how it is linked to one national safety standard and the impacts on
patient safety and/or risk in the health care setting (approximately 300-450 words);
Argument justifying the appropriateness of the selected safety improvement solution/intervention; as identified by evidence, bench-marking and
professional standards (approximately 600-850 words);
Detailed description of the evaluation/assessment of the effectiveness of the safety improvement intervention, including outcome or process measures that
will be used to assess improvement (approximately 300-400 words);
Description of the Safety Improvement Plan, including the intervention to be introduced, assessment/ audit tool, data collection method/s, resources,
support, governance (e.g. any likely organisational approvals required) and potential barriers (approximately 1000-1300 words).

Suggested guide:

Wolff. A., & Taylor. S. (2009). A practical framework to close gaps in patient care and reduce risks to patients in Enhancing patient care : a practical guide to
improving quality and safety in hospitals. MJA Books, Strawberry Hills, NSW. (Refer to Cloud Deakin, Reading List, Week 7, ‘A practical framework to close
gaps in patient care and reduce risks to patients.’)
Please read HNN749_T1_2024_AT2_FINAL.pdf for detailed information about this assessment. Please see video below on AT2. The date in the video says
2022, please ignore this the content is about AT2 2024.