Section 3: UAT1 – Unit Knowledge Test (UKT) – Written Questions

Course Code: ICT50115
Course Name: Diploma of Information Technology
Unit Name: Gather data to identify business requirements

Assessment type:

  • Written Questions

Purpose of the assessment

This assessment task is designed to evaluate the following skills and abilities to:

  • identify, analyse, evaluate and apply complex online and hard copy documentation containing specific terminology, diagrams and numerical information to identify business requirements.
  • use plain English and appropriate questioning strategies, avoiding loaded or leading questions, when developing information gathering documentation.
  • use vocabulary, grammatical structures, terminology, diagrams, numerical information, formatting and structure relevant to the job role and organisation to document the analysis.
  • articulate research and resource requirements clearly and direct discussions to elicit the views and opinions of others by using effective listening and open questioning techniques.
  • use a range of verbal responses and makes comparisons that show an understanding of topics and concepts.
  • interpret numerical information and apply mathematical calculations and financial functions to analyse financial information.
  • recognise and respond to both explicit and implicit protocols within familiar work contexts and appreciates the importance of identifying and responding to protocols in new situations.
  • use a mix of intuitive and formal processes to identify key information and issues, evaluate alternative strategies, anticipate consequences and consider implementation issues.

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Instructions provided to the student:

Assessment task description:

  • This is the first unit of assessment task student has to successfully complete to be deemed competent in this unit of competency.
  • The Unit Knowledge Test is comprised of five (5) written questions.
  • The outcome of the task will be Satisfactory or Not Satisfactory.
  • Trainer /Assessor must assess student’s written skills and knowledge as he/she complete this assessment task.
  • The trainer/assessor may ask student relevant questions on this assessment task to ensure that this is his/her own work.

Question 1: Provide a summary of common information repositories across a business and how you might identify them when trying to determine the requirements for a project. Write your response in 100-150 words.

Question 2: Provide an overview of the different question types that can be used to try and illicit information from stakeholders and an example of each. Write your response in 150-200 words.

Question 3: Provide an overview of the different information gathering techniques which can be used to gather information for a project. Write your response in 150-200 words.

Question 4: Explain what a project’s critical factor requirements are, and a system that can be used to categorise these critical requirements in a project. Write your response in 100-150 words.

Question 5: Provide an overview of the features and capabilities of Windows Server 2016, and the minimum hardware requirements to support this when looking at determining whether it should be used in a new network or network upgrade project or not. Write your response in 100-150 words.

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