SOC202A Answers

Assessment Brief
Program : Bachelor of Applied Social Science
Subject : Understanding Societies: An Introduction to Social Analysis
Subject code : SOC202A
Name of assessment
Assessment 2: Essay
Length : 1500 words

This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes:
A, C, D, E.
Assessment brief Summary:
The importance of social research and its contributions to knowledge and society.
Total marks : 100
Weighting : 30%

Assessment Description:
For this assessment, you are required to write an essay on the importance of social research. In your essay, ensure that you address the following questions:
1) What is “social research” and how is it different to common-sense knowledge?
2) Explain why social research is important. In other words, what are its contributions to society?
3) Use examples of contemporary social research / studies showing how these studies have made the contributions you have discussed.