Social Media And Nursing Assignment Answers


Social media sites dedicated to nursing often convey important information to inform and enhance our nursing practices. However, at times, these sites may contain graphic, inappropriate images and unacceptable postings. Some of these posts are often demeaning and derogatory to patients, families and healthcare professionals, with assertions that there is no place for social media in nursing.

Essay Question:

Critically evaluate and discuss the above statement. In your essay, you should address the following:

  • The potential effects of social media on the professionalism of nursing; how nurses’ practice; and patient/family and health care professionals’ confidentiality.
  • Include the standards, codes and laws that apply.
  • Outline your responsibilities as an undergraduate Registered Nurse (RN) student.

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Presentation of the Essay:

The content and structure of your essay is important; so is the presentation and style. Please consider the following points:

  • Pay attention to sentence and paragraph structure to enable clear expression of your ideas.
  • Use subheadings appropriately.
  • Number each page (a neat header and/or footer makes your work look more professional).
  • Use consistent and appropriate formatting and formal language.

Essay Marking Criteria:

  • Introduction gives background information to provide a context for the essay. Clarify key terms and states precisely what the essay intends to cover.
  • Body of essay shows evidence of synthesis of material and critical thinking and analysis of evidence; and uses current evidence-based research to support the document.
  • The conclusion should clearly bring the essay to an end and sum up the main points of the argument.Well structured, logically sequenced report in appropriate English.
  • Correct referencing technique.

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