Social Work Role Play Analysis

Assignment Two

(a) Assessment Role Play

  1. You are a hospital social worker in cancer services. An older male patient, John, with cancer was recently re-admitted due to a decline in functionality and need for pain management. The staff has told you they believe that John’s primary carer, his wife Iris, is neglecting him. You have overhead some of the nursing staff speaking very negatively about Iris. John has pressure wounds, has not showered, and said he has slept in a chair at home some nights. John said that Iris is worried about money. You are meeting with Iris who has come in to visit John.

Roles: social worker and carer

  1. Briefly (two minutes maximum) introduce your role-play by stating: (please include in the 15 minutes) who the service user is and what the context of the role-play is (where is it happening, under what circumstances, e.g. voluntary, referral, first meeting, half way through something?). What is the purpose of the interaction between yourself and the service user?
  • You need to demonstrate that you are working from a critical social work approach. Your work with the service user/client, and demonstration of relevant process-orientations, will emerge from the critical social work approach and being informed by Thompson’s (2006) PCS analysis. Here you need to show that you are using one or more of the critical theories such as feminist, Marxist, postmodernist, Indigenous, poststructuralist, critical constructionist, anti-colonial or anti-racist. Please refer to the sheet I provided on CloudDeakin in Topic 1 Resources ‘HSW313 Doing Critical Social Work and its link to critical theories’ for a brief overview of the theories.
  1. Doing Critical Social Work and its link to critical theories’ for a brief overview of the theories. You will be assessed according to how you conceptualise and explore the presenting issues from a critical social work and critical theory perspective; and your ability to engage the client and demonstrate the key relevant critical social work process-orientations as nested in the overall critical social work approach and PCS analysis. It is not necessary, or possible, to demonstrate using all of the critical social work process-orientations. Rather, it is important to use those process-orientations that are most relevant/suitable to your interaction with the client. Please do not script the role-play - this does not work; it appears too stilted and does not allow you, as the worker, to respond to the client in the more authentic way as occurs when you do not know what will be said next. You will be exploring the issues with the client, rather than ‘solving’ the issues. If you script the session, your video will most likely be returned to you unmarked.

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PS- This is the only part need done and I will role-play my scenario to match the critical analysis you provide. I will also provide the context of the role-play in my video

(b) 1000 word critical analysis of your role-play (i.e. identifying strengths and weaknesses of your own practice)

In your critical analysis, you need to assess if you used the appropriate range of critical social work process- orientations; what you did well and areas for improvement; and if it was apparent that your overall approach was identifiably a critical social work approach, drew from a critical theory and was informed by Thompson’s (2006) PCS analysis. In addition, you must refer to how the peer feedback from a different practice role-play to that used in the first essay was incorporated (or not) into your practice.

There is no need to provide the context of the role-play in the written critical analysis if you did this in your video.

As the main purpose of Part B is your critical analysis, only minimal references are required. Please presume the marker knows the definitions of the theories/process orientations etc so these are not required. The focus and majority of the word limit should be your own analysis.

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