Software Development 500 Assignment Answers

A candy company wants a list of its best-selling items, including the item number and the name of candy. Best-selling items are those that sell over R2, 000 per month. Input records contain fields for the item number (three digits), the name of the candy (20 characters), the price per Rands (four digits, two assumed decimal places), and the quantity in Rands sold last month (four digits, no decimals).
1.1 Design the output for this program; create either sample output or a print chart. (10)
1.2 Draw the flowchart for this program (10)
1.3 Demonstrate your understanding by developing the pseudo code for this program. (10)
2.1 A shop owner needs a weekly sales report. The output consists of a printed report titled Item Sales, with column headings type of item and price. Fields printed on output are: type of item and price. After all records print, a footer line end of report prints. The input file description is shown below.
Array name: Items
Item Type Character 20 characters
Item Price Numerical 2 decimal places
2.1.1 Illustrate, a hierarchical Diagram for this program. (7)
2.1.2 Develop a Pseudocode of this program (8)
2.2 Loops can be controlled by setting a sentinel. Write a pseudocode for a program that asks a user for a number N and prints even numbers, while the value of N entered is not -1. Divide your pseudocode using the following stages start, input, processing and output. Even number is 2* N. (15)
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3.1 SABC Stores uses an application designed by MICT. The application allows customers to order LCD TV Sets of their specified sizes given by the area of the LCD TV Screen. The application interface is as shown:
List five rules for creating variables. (5)
Define variables you would use to code this application. (5)
Draw a flow chart for the logic to calculate the area of the LCD Monitor. (5)
Draw a hierarchy chart for the logic to calculate the area of the LCD Monitor. (5)
3.2 Using theory and practical examples, critically evaluate the importance of Project Management, Feasibility Assessment, Data and Information Gathering Techniques, and documentation in Software Development Life Cycle. (10)
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