Strategic Human Resource Management Case Study Questions And Answers

The Strategic Human Resource Management Case Study Questions And Answers is the evolution of traditional human resources organizing. The Strategic human resource management case study questions & solution include the excellent management of an organization in utilizing its workers' capabilities to gain a competitive edge in business. The objective is to maximize the employees' performance to meet the strategic demands and goals of the organization. Also, HR is responsible for rewarding the employees and brings about organizational change and better industrial relations.

  • The human resources management case study or HRM case study plays a pivotal role in management education mostly in subjects like HRM, Personal management and many more.
  • It gives a concise picture of the concepts through the case studies. Some of it is provided in the question and answer format below for easy understanding

Vital human resource management case study questions and answers enable to understand the concepts of the strategies involved in HRM and its practical applications in the HR of an organization. This provides the necessary inputs to optimize the organization for its maximum output for deploying the organization's resources or the employees for the betterment of the organization's future.

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What are the strategies of HR post globalization?

  • Many new functions of HR now replace the traditional way of managing the human capital of an organization and focus on implementing policies and processes after the effects of globalization.
  • Specifically, after 2015, the strategic initiatives like M&A or mergers and acquisitions, talent management, industrial and labor relations, succession planning, diversity and inclusion and many more have become part and parcel of HR nowadays.

What is employee recognition?

Human beings are curious creatures and social people. Hence human beings can be easily motivated by rewards and recognition than money. A pat on the shoulders by higher officials for an excellent work done could do wonders in the mind of the employees. Money is essential, no doubt about that. But in times recognition of work satisfy the soul of the employees and thus increases their enthusiasm and hence the productivity of the company.

What is slow down production?

This is one unofficial form of a strike by employees. The main reason for this kind of activity of slow production is done due to lack of recognition rather than monetary benefits. Slow down production in an organization decreases the quantity and quality of the produced output.

What is the Hawthorne effect & Hawthorne experiment?

This Hawthorne effect is one of the concepts of Hawthorne studies conducted on the employees of Western Electric Company in their Hawthorne plant.

  • This is also the effect of changes in the behavior of the employees to individual decisions of the company.
  • In the four types of the test conducted by Mayo the researcher of Hawthorne studies, it was found that productivity increased rapidly when the management consulted the employees for decisions concerning them. This is also known as the Hawthorne experiment.

What is "Two-factor theory" or the motivator-hygiene theory?

The two-factor theory is a "content theory of motivation," and the other one is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. In the motivator-hygiene theory proposed a two –factor theory on the motivator-hygiene theory.

What are "hygiene factors"?

Hygiene factor is an essential job factor for the existence of motivation in the workplace. It is better explained in a way that some job factors that already exist will not motivate the employees much but in the absence of them will have a real impact on the behavior of the employees and their productivity.

What is work-life balance?

Work-life balance is the concept from the late part of the last century and now widely analyzed strategies of work atmosphere. It can be described as the time allotment of an employee for the professional and personal life.

What are the three significant factors that an employee takes into account before joining any organization?

  1. The remuneration or the salary is the first factor for employees around the world.
  2. Job security comes next which is of prime concern for long-term prospects.
  3. Work-life balance

What are fringe benefits?

  • Benefits of a company apart from the salary or wages are deemed as fringe benefits.
  • It includes many aspects as per the industry of work.
  • For example, the fringe benefits of working as a teacher are the free education of their children in the same school, which otherwise could have taken most of the salary to their educational expenses.

The above Strategic human resource management case study questions & answers and many more could benefit from real-time case studies of HRM.

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