650015-Corporate Strategy and Responsibility Change-Strategic Options Board Paper

Assessment Task 3: Strategic Options Board Paper
Task Description Drawing from the insights gained in the previous assessment task, students are required to identify three (3) strategic issues that have the potential to significantly impact their organisation over the next five (5) to ten (10) years. The identified issues must draw on industry reports from the MIS world database available on the AIM Business School library as well as other relevant sources. Students are then required to analyse these issues from the perspective of their organisation's CEO and prepare a briefing paper for its Board. What are the key risks, opportunities and threats that have or may emerge from the identified issues? Students are then required to write a reflective briefing paper for the board on why they are the best person to lead their organisation as the CEO for the next five (5) years. Asa starting point, students should draw on the Professional Development Plan (PDP) they wrote as Assessment Task 3 in the LMDP unit. If you haven't undertaken LMDP at ABS but have been Itpla,for an equivalent course at another institution, you may have access to a similar document. Alternatively, please access your annual performance appraisal or similar document you may have written that identifies your personal goals. The PDP (or equivalent) provides the foundation for reflecting on what they've learned as future executive leaders as well as what additional development opportunities they need to address. Insights gained from the Decision Making for Leaders report and the LMAP 360 process will form an important part of this Assessment Task.
Assessment Format:
2 Part Report Part 1 — Strategic lame Analysis — 2500 words Part 2 — CEO Leadership Paper — 1500 words
Assessment Presentation: In addition to the usual assessment approach for your written work, you are required to create a six to eight slide Narrated pammint (or similar) summary (10 minutes max) of your Assignment. Your virtual presentation will be assessed on the visual clarity of the slides, suitability for the intended audience and precision of the key points. Students enrolled in F2F will be expected to present in class. Students enrolled in online will have their presentation reviewed by the facilitator.
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Part One (2500 words):
- based on the last assignment you did for me, you need to identify three strategic issues that can have an impact on my company ( fast rent a car) for the next 5 to 10 years.
- the identified issues must draw on industry reports from IBIS world database or any relevant sources.
- then analyze these issues from the perspective of CEO and prepare board briefing paper (similar to the last samples I sent you last time).
-use SWOT to analyze these issues and how to tackle them.
- you may use mission and vision on my company online.
- please include concepts like strategic pillars and projects ( attached).
- the strategic plan should include financial phase, customer phase, internal processes and organizational capacity.
- use the concept of balanced scorecard indicators dashboard.
Part two (1500 words):
- prepare a reflective paper ( CEO leadership paper) on why I am the best person to lead my company in the next five years.
- you need to give real-life examples from the industry and dangers ahead including percentages and why I am the best person to lead the organization though it.
-to start that please use my LMAP 360 leadership report (attached) with my personal development plan ( attached).
- include things like behavior traits such as effective crew leaders and ineffective crew leaders.
- finally power point of maximum 8 slights as mentioned in the assessment.
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