Strategic Organisational Change Assignment Answers


Assessment Task 1: Analysis of change triggers Task Description Identify a strategic change initiative that has recently been undertaken in your organisation. This change initiative will form the basis for all assessments in this course. In your analysis make sure you consider the following:

  • Summary of organisational context relevant to change and change triggers defined
  • Change triggers identified and the implications for the organisation stated.
  • Change triggers are considered in relation to the context and analysed,
  • Consider the change triggers in relation to possible planned approaches to change, including references to pre-change readiness assessments and other relevant concepts from the literature.

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Assessment Format: The assignment should be answered in Report format. Ensure it reflects the conventions of good report writing. The Academic Study Skills unit in MYABS is a useful resource to assist you. The following headings will guide you and can be used depending upon your approach to the specific assessment task and your personal style.

  • Introduction / Overview
  • Context of change and reasons for selecting this change
  • Methods
  • Results / Description
  • Discussion / Analysis of results
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • References (including documents and people consulted)

GSB019 Strategic Organisational Change: Unit Guide


Your executive summary should be no more than 250-300 words. Your report should be no more than the word count stated +1- 10% words in length in total. The following are excluded from your word count:

  • Executive summary
  • Text incorporated into tables and figures
  • References
  • You are expected to utilise credible, relevant and current academic and industry sources in preparing your work — including the course texts. A minimum of six academic references is expected to meet a Pass standard for the research depth criteria. Online sources such as newspaper articles and blogs should be used sparingly. Your report should be submitted in Word format. Do not submit your report as a PDF file.

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