Student Athlete Registration System

The Board of Education of Baltimore County invites qualified firms to submit proposals for a student athlete registration system. Award Bidder shall provide a web-based solution to facilitate data entry and reporting. The requirements outlined herein are intended as an aid to acquaint Bidders with what could be required to execute the work on this contract. These specifications will serve as the source document for services for the term of the contract.

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Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) ranks among the 25 largest school systems in the United States. The county covers 612 square miles in the north central part of Maryland, and combines urban, suburban and business regions with vast farmlands and waterfront areas. The school system reflects this diversity in the student population of over 113,000 students. For the 2018 – 2019 school year, BCPS will operate over 173 schools: 106 elementary schools (serving grades Pre-K 5), 27 middle schools (serving grades 6 – 8) and 24 high schools (serving grades 9 12).

Tasks: Preliminary Investigation

  1. Define the Project Scope and Constraints
  2. Perform Fact finding: Create a User Survey or Questionnaire

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