Sustainability of Rural Sanitation Marketing in Vietnam


Imposing the stances of the marketing mix is most effective in the stature development of effective marketing of the products by differential institutions. The development of the ideology has been found to have gone through several changes from the traditional aspects to the modern approaches. Therefore, the assignment is liable to discuss the variety of stances that result in the development of the criterion of effective marketing of a product. However, the assignment is mainly concerned with the undergoing development through sustainability of the pilot project that has been conducted in Vietnam to increase the accessibility of sanitary toilets among the poorer section of society. The effectiveness of the marketing mix within the development of the functioning of sanitation projects has been aimed to be described in the assignment along with understanding the impacts that social media tends to bring about on the marketing mix stances.

Key Elements of the Marketing Mix

The functioning of the marketing mix is effectively related to the development of the stances and intercepts that rely on the development of effective functioning to make the product reliable to the target audience. Therefore, the functioning of the marketing mix is developed based on the four major elements. These elements are to be discussed in this part of the assignment with complete relation to the functioning of the marketing aspects of sanitation in Vietnam.


The product refers to the object that is being tried to be propagated to show the effectiveness of the usage of the product among the target market. In this stature, sanitation marketing is established to grow within the market of Vietnam. The product is to be placed within the target market. The effective stances that are to be considered in this project hold integrity in the functioning to deliver healthy and safe sanitary services to the population that is selected to be included in the project (Festa et al. 2016). The product is required to be identified clearly in the stature that holds the implications of the development of effective functioning to fulfill the needful in the aspects.


The place talks about the functioning of an effective stance those are liable to be integrated into the functioning of placing the products among the appropriate audience. The conjugation of the place that is to be incorporated in the functioning of the marketing of the products is liable to be induced in the functioning. Therefore, the development of the functioning in this stature requires to be effectively connected to the target market functioning. There are certain other elements of the marketing mix that are related as well as dependent on the place where the product is intended to be placed. In the pilot project that is held in Vietnam the components of rural sanitation are tried to be placed in the rural regions. The products have been aimed to be placed among rural families in Vietnam which is considered the target market for the production of effective and sustainable rural sanitation stature (Parveen et al. 2015).

Placing a product into the market criteria is liable to derive the consequences from a few related types of placing the products. Direct selling is one such method that is used to develop the quest of purchasing and using the products by the target customers.

Another form of placing the products is selling the product through an intermediary which is the case in the pilot project in Vietnam.


The pricing strategy of the products that are intended to be sold within the target market should be maintained to instigate effective responses from the target market. In the pilot project that has been held by the government of Vietnam, there have been certain areas that are likely to be addressed so that the adoption of sanitary accessories is effective in the market stature. However, the development of the functioning of marketing in the intended region is liable to be produced through effective marketing as well as the propagation of the products in the market. Therefore, the incorporation of the functioning of the local government in the project holds importance in the pricing strategy of the products. Therefore, one kind of collaboration exists between the local government and the manufacturers of toilet accessories. Hence, the pricing of the products is liable to the collaborative functioning of the local government to make the pilot project a success in rural areas of Vietnam. However, the pricing of the products is based on certain elements, such as:

Cost-plus: This refers to a standard profit percentage that is liable to be developed as a profit of the seller of the products above the cost of manufacturing the products (Scott, 2015).

Value-based: In this kind of stance, the pricing is liable to be developed on the perception of the value of the product rather than taking the pricing perception of the manufacturer's concern.

Psychological: It is a matter of fact that provides the psychological differentiation among the target market that is held consequential for the development of desired customers for the product. For example, putting the price of a product at 4.99 Dollars instead of five Dollars is an instance of psychological integration in the pricing strategy and process.


Promotion of a product is the most important area that is required to be incorporated in the study to make sure that there is recognition of the product among the target market. Therefore, the functioning of the organizations that are liable to sell their products in the target market should be considering effective efforts to propagate their products in the market. The key channels that can be used to have effective promotion of the products are:

Word of mouth: Reflection of the customers that have been satisfied by the purchase of a product from a particular manufacturer or seller is included in this kind of promotional stance. It is one of the most reliable stances of propagation.

Print media: This is the traditional form of promotion that is accepted as an effective stature to reach a certain target market. Print media incorporates advertisements of the products through the allocation of certain space to the organization.

Social media: The present generation has been highly related to the instincts of the modern developed generation. Therefore, the functioning of social media has been put into highlighted to show the implications of the functioning of modern technology (Schulze et al. 2014). Besides, the youths of the present generation have been highly integrated with this kind of functioning to have a good reflection on the process of functioning through the usage of social media. On the other hand, the functioning of social media as well as the internet has made it possible to develop awareness about the presence of a product in the market within very little time. Moreover, the seller can address a large number of audiences through the usage of it to promote the products.

However, each of the variables of the marketing mix is developed on the stances that rely on the development of the customer attraction to the particular product that is being preached through effective marketing mix stances. All the above-mentioned components of marketing have to be manipulated accordingly to show there is affectivity in the development of the stances to derive the desired functioning among the customers.

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Impact of Social Media and the Internet on the Marketing Mix

The implementation of the marketing mix is an effective stature in the present world of marketing and selling of products. The functioning organizations that are integrated in the developing effective stances to derive the functioning of attracting the customers towards their products have been using a variety of statures that can be liable to induce certain innovative statures that contribute to the development of customer engagement with a particular brand or a particular product. Hence, with the advancement of technology in the modern world of effective communication among different entities of the business, the development of social media is liable to be introduced to modern business. Therefore, business organizations that desire to hold innovative aspects in integrating the development of the marketing mix of their products. The usage of social media has been incorporated into the organizational stature of some organizations as a part of the effective functioning of the Internet.

The main facts that are cumulated in the stature of recognition in the internet facilities have been directed to the development of the consequences that hold significance in the modern world.

Usage of Social Media

The most effective use of the internet that is made in the present stature of business is the usage of social media. The development of this kind of association with social media has added to the relevance of this platform to easily reach the target market. Therefore, the developers of the products can easily track the functioning of the target market as well as the product distribution in the market. The developers of the advertisements in social media hold the development of the functioning an attribution to the integration of functioning through social media. Hence, the inclusion of the social media platform in the promotion of the products can be considered an effective process. There are a few reasons underlying this kind of stature. The first one is the aspect of addressing a large number of audiences within a very short period (Tuten and Solomon, 2017). This is because the convention of a single stance of promotion produces the scope of making it liable to show to some members in the market segment. The cost of production of the advertisements in social media is effectively less in this kind of functioning. On the other hand, there is a huge scope for the development of response from the target market as a reflection of the product advertisement. Therefore, this has been taken as one stature that is liable to develop the functioning among the advertisement developers (Tiago et al. 2014).

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is one of the procedures that has produced a large wave of responses among the individuals engaged in the processes. The process of viral marketing is intrigued by certain factors. Here, the most effective stance is to develop the functioning where an advertisement can spread among the individual effortlessly. The development of this stature begins when there is advertence designing a message and to spread among a small number of people that are selected for the purpose. This provides the attributions of the spreading of the information from one person to another until it goes viral within the target audience. However, such instances have also been encountered that have gotten into the pitfalls of viral marketing and have rapidly failed. A standard viral marketing approach is known as big-seed marketing (Dinh et al. 2014). The organizations use this kind of objective to develop the functioning through the inclusion of the initial stance seed to be big enough to deliver excellent results of the same. The main analogue that is used in this stature is to development of a sequence that can be infected among the people as likely as viral diseases. The initial stance should be higher, in this case, to show there are effective stances that can be integrated into the functioning of the organizations. Therefore, this has provided an effective implementation of the system to develop promotional statures in the market (Aslay et al. 2015).


The development of social media functioning in the market is highly effective. On the other hand, the advertence of differential functioning in the pilot project of Vietnam has been understood that the advertisement has been liable to bring about 16 percent of the total rural population under the accessibility of sanitary toilets. To get expert help, contact us at 'Assignment Help'.


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