Technology & Trend Monitoring Assignment Answers

Management Report

Date for Submission: 20.05.2020

Assignment Brief:

As part of the formal assessment for the program you are required to submit a Technology and Trend Monitoring management report.

Learning Outcomes (LO):

After completing the module, you should be able to:

  1. Critically evaluate the emerging technological trends and identify potential challenges and open areas of research.
  2. Analyse the impact of the existing and emerging technologies on future trends in the above areas.
  3. Critically review the existing literature and form an independent opinion.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to conduct independent research and synthesize literature from wide array of sources.
  5. Acquire a technical understanding of the emerging technological advancements covering IT systems, Communication technologies and Cyber-Security.
  6. Demonstrate clear understanding of technological advancement and suggest solution approaches to existing challenges.
  7. Graduate Attribute – Reflective Practitioner

Undertake critical analysis and reach reasoned and evidenced decisions, contribute problem-solving skills to find and innovate in solutions

Your assignment should include the appendices if relevant; and a reference list in Harvard format. You should address all the elements of the assignment task listed below. Please note that tutors will use the assessment criteria set out below in assessing your work.

Maximum word count: 5,000 words

Please note that exceeding the word count by over 10% will result in a reduction in grade by the same percentage that the word count is exceeded.

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Assignment Task

The ever-evolving information communication technologies together with innovative services and applications are shaping the society of the future. Internet of Things, Software-Defined Networks, 5G mobile communication technologies, transformation of enterprise systems into cloud-based systems and other emerging trends are bringing about a paradigm shift to the functional and operational aspects of ICT overall.

In this context, you are expected to write an industry-style report on the current and emerging technologies related to your selected topic on IT Systems that is enabling the connected future. The report should address the following questions:

  1. As a reflective practitioner, you will write an abstract for an academic paper or an executive summary for a business report. This summary states your starting proposition.

(500 words) (10 marks) (LO7)

  1. Conduct independent research and synthesise literature from wide array of sources on your selected IT systems topic. This research should include related theory and practice or technical focus. There should be no less than 3 sources. The media should include electronic references e.g. iLEARN eLibrary publications, Google Scholar, etc. that are current. Additionally, up-to-the-minute sources should be used e.g. news feeds, government regulations.

(1000 words) (10 marks) (LO4)

  1. Once the research data has been collected a critical review of the existing literature conducted to form an independent opinion. Data triangulation highlights the issues and identifies strengths and weaknesses related to the topics.

(1000 words) (20 marks) (LO3)

  1. The next stage of the analysis is to critically evaluate the emerging technological trends and identify potential challenges. Open areas of research should be addressed in this section by synthesizing (combining your knowledge trends to work towards predictions) ideas generated by the analysis.

(1000 words) (20 marks) (LO1)

  1. Impact analysis of the existing and emerging technologies on future trends is the focus of this section. Related technology can be integrated into the argument from topics such as:
  • Communication technology e.g. long-range LTE and 5G and / or short-range NFC and ZigBee Cyber security e.g. Biometrics, homomorphic encryption
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Augmented Reality
  • Cloud Computing E.g. Distributed and Utility Computing

(1000 words) (15 marks) (LOs 2 & 5)

  1. Summary Discussion - Through a demonstration of clear understanding of technological advancement, suggested solution(s) and / or approaches to existing challenges are presented and linked to the threads of the arguments presented in previous sections. Predictions developed through the secondary research literature review analysis, trend and impact review can be offered with conclusions and recommendations.

(500 words) (15 marks) (LO6)

References – The answers, claims or conclusions put forward in each section of this report or academic paper must be supported by evidence in the form of Harvard references or a real-world example (case study) that can be verified. Document format, spelling and grammar check must be done.

(10 marks)

Formative Feedback

You have the opportunity to submit draft to receive formative feedback.

The feedback is designed to help you develop areas of your work and it helps you develop your skills as an independent learner.

Your work must be submitted to the module tutor two weeks prior to the assessment submission date. This is to allow time for you to reflect on the feedback and draft your final submission.

Formative feedback will not be given to work submitted after the above date.

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