UAT2 Unit Skills Test (UST) Unit Project (UP) Activity 2: (Conduct Interview)

Activity 2: (Conduct Interview)
Note: This activity is in continuation of the previous activity
In this activity you need to review the scenario, and then develop an interview agenda to determine possible requirements for the project. You need to select two stakeholders that you have identified in the previous activity for the purpose of the interview, one will be the assessor, and the other will be a fellow student.
As per the scenario the purpose of the interview to try and identify the network for the new premises, so that the business can become operational as soon as possible. This can include any requirements for what hardware and software is needed, the budget, and the time scale for the implementation. Based on the two stakeholders identified you will need to identify 6 questions to ask them. For example, if you have identified Terry Jackson is one of the stakeholders you might ask him questions relating to the budget for the project, what human resources you can utilise for the project, and when he would want it implemented by? Or if you identify one of the managers you might ask them questions related to their software needs for their department or individual employees, their backup requirements, or their security requirements for files that need to be protected.
Once the interview agenda has been created you need to present the interview orally, and undertake analysis of the stakeholder responses.
For the purpose of this activity the assessor will play the role of the stakeholders.
1. Develop an interview agenda using a the organisational template below that includes:
ICTICT509 Gather data to identify business requirements Version 1.1 updated 12/03/2019
• The location, date, and time of the interview
• The stakeholders who need to attend
• An introduction of what the interview is about, and what it will cover
• Six questions that can be used to during the interview to confirm with stakeholders business critical factors relating to current and future directions of the organisations network. You should use a mixture of open and closed questions.
• A closing statement
Note: you need to provide this agenda to the assessor so they can organise an interview time and prepare appropriate answers for the questions.
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Interview Agenda
Location: ________________________________
Date and time: ____________________________
Stakeholders to attend: __________________________________________________________
<< Add introduction statement here >>
<< Add your six questions here >>
Closing statement
<< Insert your closing statement here>>
2. Undertake the interview as per the developed interview agenda orally. You need to:
• Conduct the interview as per the agenda
• Use listening and verbal skills to respond to feedback from the stakeholders.
• Use note taking skills to document the responses for the interview questions.
3. Document and analysis data gathered during the interview using a word processor. You need to:
• Document the response into the organisational template provided below.
• Analysis the responses and provide analysis notes on the response. This analysis should detail whether the response is pertinent to the project or not, and its importance if it is.
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