UAT2 – Unit Skills Test (UST) – Unit Project (UP) Activity 3: (Conduct survey)

Note: This activity is in continuation of the previous activities
For this task you need to develop a survey to identify the network requirements and then analysis the responses to the survey. As with the interview in the previous activity the purpose of the survey is to gather requirements for the network, except in this case you will be using an alternative method to do this. The questions you need to develop need to be designed to gather their feedback so requirements can be determined. Think of questions that relate to their hardware, software, backup, and sustainability needs.
Using a survey allows you to collect different types of information than an interview and to a lot more people. As an example you can use a rating type question where users can rate on the question using a scale from 1 to 5, or 1 to 10. Feedback type questions or even closed questions can also be asked.
1. Develop a survey using the organizational template given below to gather data from the survey takers. You need to:
• Include an area for the stakeholder to put their name and the date
• Include ten questions that contains a mixture of open and closed questions that can be used to confirm with stakeholders business critical factors relating to current and future directions of the organisation network.
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Requirements Survey
Responders Name: ____________________________
Date: _______________________________________
<<This is where you should place your ten questions in a sequential order>>
ICTICT509 Gather data to identify business requirements Version 1.1 updated 12/03/2019
2. Once the survey has been created you should submit this to the assessor. The assessor will be collecting surveys from your fellow classmates and organise to distribute your survey to these class mates. You should complete the surveys the assessor distributes to you using the scenario as a guide, and answer with appropriate information answers. It is not important that the answers are 100% accurate, they just need to be used as a sample that analysis can be conducted upon.
3. Once your survey has been completed by your fellow classmates, the assessor will distribute the completed surveys so that you can then analysis the responses and provide analysis notes and calculations on the responses using the organisational template provided below.
• For feedback type questions this analysis should detail whether the response is pertinent to the project or not, and its importance if it is.
• For rating type questions, you should undertake a calculation to determine the result of the responders’ responses. This could be to calculate the average of the responders’ responses or another calculation based on the question asked.
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