Workforce Plan Review and Evaluation Project Assessment Task

Task summary: This assessment task requires you in the role of Human Resources Manager for King Edward vii Cottage to review the workforce plan, as well as evaluate workforce trends you will be required to develop a short report on your review and evaluation

What do students need to complete this assessment?

  • Computer and Microsoft Office
  • Access to the Internet for research
  • Workforce plan review and evaluation report template

Where and when do students need to do this? This assessment task will be completed in the classroom as part of the simulated work environment Write in the date for this assessment as advised by your assessor

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What do students have to submit?

  • Completed evaluation report — approximately 3 pages, written in clear and concise English

What if students get something wrong? If your assessor sees that you did not complete the task satisfactorily. They will give you feedback about the tasks you have not completed satisfactorily and a timeline for resubmission.

Instructions to students

Review the following scenario information to complete this task.

It is one (1) year since the workforce plan was implemented and as the Human Resources Manager, you are responsible for reviewing the workforce plan.

Review the workforce data for 2016 provided to you.

Assume that you are focusing on reviewing the following objectives and strategies in the workforce plan.

Reduce academic staff turnover by 20%

Strategies to achieve objectives were indicated as: Analyze employee and exit survey data and develop an employee engagement plan.

To build employee satisfaction

Offer four full-time trainer positions

the following data►information has been collected:

  • Academic staff turnover for the calendar year 2015 is now at 30%, down from 50% in 2014.
  • Employee survey has been conducted and exit interviews conducted but no actions from results identified as yet.
  • A recent employee survey showed that 80% of the workforce was "reasonably" satisfied with their employment at King Edward VII College. Improvements suggested included: Annual pay increase Budgeted amount for training and development for all employees
  • More workplace communication
  • An analysis of the exit interview records for three of the academic staff shows the following information: o Main reason for leaving: • Better job opportunity — more pay, no requirement to work after 6 pm • Better job opportunity — higher pay

■ Bigger organization, more opportunity for promotion • What might have prevented you from leaving: ■ Pay increase, not having to teach in the evenings

■ Pay increase

■ nothing, just wanted to work in a bigger organization

  • What is your overall assessment of the job you are leaving: Enjoyed my time with King Edward most of the time and liked working with diverse students Glad to leave, pay is just too low Reasonable job but I needed more opportunities How would you rate your manager:

■ Not great, not enough direction

■ Okay

■ didn’t give enough guidance about the job role How well were your training and development needs met:

■ No opportunities, expected to sort it out yourself on the whole

■ Some info at the staff meetings was good but not enough

■ Not at all what improvements could be made in our organization?

  • Increase pay for academic staff because then you'll get better stuff

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