Writing A Report Based On A Systems Advocacy Campaign Strategy

1500-2000 words 5 references sources

You are required to write a report based on a Systems Advocacy Campaign Strategy explaining how you would develop, implement and evaluate an advocacy campaign for a chosen client group.

You may work in groups to research and discuss answers, but each person is to hand in individual work. This means being careful not to write exactly the same answer as others in your group the group helps you learn, but you need to put your answers in your own words.

You must address each discussion point specifically, for e.g.

  • Question 1 (write the question)
  • Question 1 (your response)

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You must use at least five (5) references/sources for this assessment task.

Discussion Questions

  1. Briefly discuss who the chosen group are and what their issues are.
  2. Obtain, analyse and document two (2) forms of information about the issue of concern.
  3. List three (3) relevant agencies and services that might assist in the advocacy and promotion processes.
  4. Outline how you would work with stakeholders to develop strategies to address identified needs.
  5. Develop one (1) strategy in detail (such a lobbying strategy, submission to influence government policy strategy or using media strategy) for your campaign.
  6. Briefly discuss how power and power structures work within your issue of concern.
  7. Discuss two (2) ways you could contribute to service improvements in relation to the identified issues.
  8. Discuss two (2) ways you would address any human rights concerns identified including those relating to discrimination.
  9. Discuss two (2) ways you would advocate to improve coordination between services.
  10. How would you evaluate outcomes for the identified group? Design one (1) evaluation tool you have identified.

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