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TAFE stands for Technical and Further Education and it is an important institution that provides students with the knowledge, talents, and skills necessary for a productive career in many different fields. TAFE courses are verily known for their practicality and they often require students to complete assignments that perfectly reflect real-world situations. These assignments are quite challenging and time-consuming and that is where No1AssignmentHelp.Com supports students at affordable prices.

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These courses are generally taught at TAFE institutes throughout Australia. There are online studying options available too. You can also have blended learning options that combine both online and offline learning. TAFE is just a part of VET (Vocational Education and Training), which covers almost all vocational training in Australia.


 Why do you need to undergo TAFE Assignment?

 TAFE courses have gained immense popularity and respect in almost all parts of the globe. Most of the TAFE courses are directly funded by a specific organization or industry, and the colleges/universities that deliver this assignment work closely with specific sectors to produce programs and courses. This course is designed in such a way that they help students find better job opportunities in this competitive field. The education programs are updated at regular intervals to reflect the most recent market trends and popularity. If you are enrolling in this course, you are making a sensible investment for your future. As the training is knotted to the employment market in a straight line, it provides a considerable benefit.

 TAFE Qualifications:

  • Diploma @ TAFE: As a student, you can earn a diploma that would equip you for professional positions in any business or industry. This educational program can last up to two years.
  • Advanced Diploma @ TAFEAn advanced diploma could train you as a student with advanced and practical abilities in professions like engineering, accountancy, and architectural design. The duration of the course is between one and a half and two years.
  • Certificate I-Iv @ TAFEThese certification courses are intended to give basic knowledge and skills. They also give industry-specific skills and knowledge in literacy, numeracy, teamwork, and communication. They can be studied part-time, full-time, or online and cover an extensive range of subjects including nursing, business, and mechanical engineering. This education program may last anywhere from six months to two years.
  • Vocational Graduate Diploma @ TAFEThis diploma is equal to a graduate degree or diploma from an educational institution. This course may take from six months to a whole year to finish.


TAFE Assignment Answers in Australia

Studying TAFE is a fulfilling experience that has innumerable benefits, when it comes to getting good jobs. It also provides services like job placement help and career guidance counselling. This study has a practical approach to learning, so you will certainly be getting hands-on experience, knowledge, and practice.


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Australian TAFE Assignment Samples/Examples

ECCDD202A –Communication, Language and Literacy

This tafe subject is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore different philosophies in language learning and instruction and build a theoretical framework to understand language and literacy development in the early childhood years. This subject will develop the student’s ability to design and implement appropriate learning experiences to promote language and literacy in the context of a play-based curriculum. Students will explore contemporary issues in early literacy teaching and learning, and investigate inclusive ways to support a range of learners in a range of contexts.

At the end of this subject students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of language and literacy development and relevant early childhood language theories.
2. Deconstruct language learning and instructional approaches for a range of diverse learners.
3. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of language and literacy components and concepts.
4. Demonstrate a range of relevant instructional approaches, teaching pedagogies and experiences for language and literacy learning using play-based approaches.

CPCCBC4004A-UNGRADED - Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects (1)

The objective of this TAFE assessment is to assess your knowledge as would be required to establish the estimated costs associated with the acquisition of materials and labour on building and construction sites, together with the application of relevant overhead costs and margins. Knowledge of physical resource and supplier identification, assessment of the availability of and requirements for skilled labour and application of appropriate codes, regulations and approvals gaining processes is essential.

This TAFE assessment is in five parts. The first part is broken into several sub-tasks. For each of these sub-tasks, there is a checklist of statements to show what an assessor will look for in your submitted work. Complete each sub-task, then before you move on to the next one, carefully review your work by reading through the checklist, to make sure you have met all the requirements.

•    Task 1 – Joists for first floor addition
•    Task 2 – External wall cladding for first floor addition 
•    Task 3 – Floor covering for the first-floor addition
•    Task 4 – Internal Lining for the first-floor addition
•    Task 5 – Painting the for first floor addition
•    Task 6 – Plant and Equipment Requirements
•    Task 7 – Waste Management
•    Task 8 – Apply overheads and margin

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