How to Write a Leadership Assignment

30 Jul 2019 11:15:51 PM

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way – John C Maxwell

Leaders are difference makers between success and failures. It is because they see the future beforehand and be prepared for it. An assignment “How to Write a Leadership Assignment?” of leadership may depend on individual leaders or of the leadership quality model of management. Either way, it will bring to the forefront the necessary qualities of the leaders in business or any other fields.  

Great leaders in business like Warren Buffet continues being successful till date for more than four decades. The modern era leaders like Mark Zuckerberg also have their leadership qualities. They influence a lot of youngsters to be successful in their business fields. They had a vision and worked and also working for achieving beyond their ideas and increasing their horizons in this highly technological driven world.  

Many theories are going around the world for leadership qualities. But all of them do not give a clear picture of the leadership qualities. Some include:

  • Traits Theory: It advocates the approach that a leader is not made but born.
  • Alternative Theory: It contradicts the earlier Traits theory by putting forward the contention that the leaders are made but not born. 
  • Either way, there is certainly no formula or a way to become a leader.  Those who have the following qualities among others make a good leader:
  • Integrity with Confidence: A leader is always honest and confident irrespective of the circumstances. 
  • Commitment & Passion for Inspiring Others: The responsibility of the leader is never to be doubted as Ceaser, and this quality should inspire others to believe the leader.
  • Excellent Communicator with Appropriate Decision-Making Skills: In an organization, a leader should be one to communicate well with all concerned.
  • Empathy: For an organization to run smoothly and effectively, the leader must be emphatic. Whatever the other skills of the leader, it is this empathy will stand out of the crowd. It could make all the difference to the leadership quality and the organization as well.

Steps to Writing the Leadership Assignment for MBA Course:

To write a profound leadership assignment, the following steps are crucial:

  • Read the leadership module thoroughly
  • Highlight the leadership qualities of the person or company or anything assigned as the topic
  • Make a thorough research on the different attributes that make the leader come to that position
  • Focus on the difficulties faced by the leader in his career or life and also the ways and means used to come out successfully of them
  • What could be the secret of success of the leader or the leadership module has to be written in detail

The above facts and steps will help to know how to start a leadership assignment effectively and also to get the elementary grade in graduation. Also, if you have any query regarding leadership assignment, then you can contact to our best assignment writers.


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