MBA Case Study Assignment Sample

A case study is a statement that describes the real-life issues or situations that requires you to investigate the critical problems involved. These problems need to be discussed, and it is closely related to the academic purpose/research findings on the specific topic by including in Case Study Assignment sample. After that, conclusions are made clear why the situation arose and how to respond to it most finely. It is a historical investigation process in which full preference is given to a specific person/an organisation/a circumstance/a group of people over a particular time.

Case Study Assignment sample involves an investigation of the situation and details out its causative factors to come up with a conclusion that clearly explains a principle involved in it. Case study assignment is given to the college and university students every so often. Also, it is given to the students of all subjects and dominant courses. Case study assignment is also provided to the MBA students by a range of business schools. Doing a case study assignment involves investigation methods like Collection of data, Comprehensive observation, conducting interviews, conducting examinations, Issuing the questionnaires and Assembling work samples.

There are quite a few distinctive parts involved in a case study assignment each ending with a challenging discussion. As the case study assignment is written with sufficient as well as authentic details, it will help the reader handle the problems effectively. And being chronological, the reader may accept the fact as true.

Main factor involved in case study assignment:
The main factor helps significantly in a Case Study Assignment is logical thinking. While doing a case study assignment, you need to think logically regarding the specific topic. It is also indispensable to have a clear idea about what the appointment will have and how it ultimately reflects on the thesis. If the student comes up with the poorly stated details and unsure about his/her ideas, it will probably reflect as an incomplete case study assignment. Writing a good case study assignment enables you:

  • To examine the real-life issues
  • To pen down conclusions about how to respond to that situation.

How to Start Writing a Case Study Assignment by Getting Samples

The beginning and the ending portions of the case study assignment should be summarised clearly with the headings and sub-headings. With the help of that, probably you will get a good idea about the critical area to which the problem in the case study relates to. You will then get to know whether the issue lies with:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Person
  • organisation
  • Human resource management
  • Or it may be a combination of different business areas.

All the details of the case should be read carefully. Along with that, you need to take notes of all the critical observations. Graphical records and visual displays within the body of the case study assignment should be given special attention. You should identify the central problem of the case study and write it cohesively. This will be the main focus of all efforts in solving the case. In writing the case study assignment, you need to make use of analytical tools to assess various perspectives of the problems. Generally, illations tend to flow from the analysis process, which will indicate the main origins of issues within the organisation. It will also point out the required changes to be done. This finding plays a significant role in deriving tactical alternatives for the case solution. Tactical choices are made now, and it will help resolve the origin of the problem. It is indispensable that all the advantages and disadvantages different alternatives are identified together. Once the previous step is accomplished comprehensively, it will make sure that a single and best strategy is recommended for the case study assignment, which is supported through comprehensive analysis. A conclusion is made to summarise the whole case study assignment and recommend guiding principles for the students.

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