Sample CDR for Mechanical Engineer PDF

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Sample CDR for Mechanical Engineer (Anzsco: 233512) PDF Career Episode-1

Project Name: Transverse vibrational analysis of a simply supported beam
General elasticity equations of Pochhammar (1876) and Chree (1889) were used to firstly explore an accurate formulation of the beam problem. Some equations were derived that gave information about a vibrating cylinder (solid). Only a certain amount of information is produced therefore it is pretty difficult to solve the full problem. Therefore, an approximate answer regarding the transverse displacement would be enough.
Roles and Responsibilities in the Project

  • I have to generate a report enlightening the basic features and the achieved deliverables. These reports keep the complete track of project accomplishment. A professor who was incharge first went through the report and later the upper body
  • I also had to go through my intermediate concepts of physics and different subjects that I had studied in my engineering degree that needed to be studied in more depth to fulfill the project objectives.
  • I had to report the monthly progress report about the project to my professor. The reports further had to be checked by the upper authorities according to the hierarchal plan set for the projects.
  • I have described in detail my main project scope and the objectives that I had to complete. In this project, I am using Finite Element Method to formulate the equations of motion related to beam which are of the type (homogeneous hinged-hinged).
  • I did this by calculating the characteristic matrices which were the stiffness matrix and the mass matrix of the given simply supported beam. The natural frequencies and the mode shape of the given hinged- hinged type beam were calculated using MATLAB. The natural frequencies can show the pattern of the resonance that a beam is going to follow and its effect on structures.

Sample CDR for (Anzsco: 233512) Mechanical Engineer PDF Career Episode-2

Project Name: – Filtration system for safe drinking water to every household at affordable cost.

It was my first project in the company and it was very essential for me to effectually complete the desired project. World Health Organization conducted a survey, from which they came to know that around 1.1 billion of mankind have no access to pure/clean drinking water all over the earth. So, to overcome this problem a household filtration system needs to be implemented which would also be cost effective.
Project Metrics

  • Extremely accurate and durable.
  • Boosted CNT/AgNW design of filter.
  • The cost of the device being very low of below $100.
  • Inactivation rates usually reach above 90% mostly.
  • Rate of flow that is accomplishable around 80 liters/day which gives a lot of pure water that is sufficient enough for a family of four people.
  • Extremely fewer components are used for assembly and service ability.
  • Lesser cost plus dense thick filter cartridges, which can very easily be substituted without any specific tool required.
    LED’s are used for telling about the flow of current.
  • Without any maintenance, it’ll function for one month properly.

Sample CDR for Mechanical Engineer PDF Career Episode-3- Anzsco: 233512

Project Name: – Graphene: Theoretical studies and experimental investigations
This career episode elaborates the second project “Graphene: Theoretical studies and experimental investigations” that I did while I was working at Ault Limited. I worked here as an assistant manager in the Utility maintenance department. The project was completed in approximately 1.66 years (20 months) that is from February 15th, 2013 to October 18th, 2014. The project was about investigating, studying and observing Graphene (Which is a form of carbon, and consists of planar sheets. These sheets are only one atom thick, and the structural arranged of atoms is in a honeycomb-shaped lattice). While handling this project, as far as maintenance is concerned, I was the only one who was completely responsible for it.
Roles and Responsibilities in the Project

  • I frequently set meetings with my supervisor and the area manager to keep them updated regarding the process and the problems being faced.
  • Analysis of graphene wave function and dispersion relation.
  • Analysis of graphene ribbons.
  • Application of perpendicular magnetic field.
  • Confinement in the presence of magnetic field (zigzag edge).
  • Confinement in the presence of magnetic field (armchair edge).
  • Analysis of Bilayer graphene.

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