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How to Write Marketing Research Report

16 Jul 2019 03:18:47 AM

The tremendous growth in the market and the advancement of technologies has a massive impact on the world. This entirely changed the lifestyle of people. We cannot go back to the past because we are addicted to the services offered by technology and market. This makes the business operator and companies promote their products or services employing marketing. Marketing is taking place in everything around us. From the bed we are sleeping to the toothpaste we are brushing, everything is somehow marketed, and as the result of it, we are using them. For business operators and business students, it is necessary to know about marketing and its process. That's where the need for marketing research arises, and it is essential for perfect marketing. It means the systematic acquiring, recording and analysing of qualitative and quantitative data about issues in marketing products and services. Naturally, it is the process of evaluating the marketing process. These are essential for the vital function of many businesses. If you have any doubt in your mind related to “How to Write Marketing Research Report?”, then you can contact our expert’s anytime.

Marketing Research Report: 

A Marketing research report is the document of research that presents the market data such as trends, consumer behaviour, marketing strategy and competitive analysis, which will help to rectify the flaws and promote marketing. It will help the business to identify and make use of opportunities in the market. It is prepared usually by marketing analyst. It can also be prepared by taking customer reviews through a thorough research process. There are two types of marketing research, and they are:

Internal: deals with sales reports, product performance reviews, sales force activity reports and marketing cost reports.

External: syndicated research services, industry publications and government records. There are specific methods available to do marketing research, and they are the Observation method, Survey method and Experimental method. 

Steps to Write a Marketing Research Report:

To write a marketing assignment and research report, one needs to learn the formal way of writing a story. There are three major sections of the research report, and they are:

  • Introduction
  • Body of the report
  • Appendices

Introduction: The introduction section consists of five elements such as title page, transmittal letter, authorisation letter, table of contents and executive summary. The title should comprise the title of the project, names, titles, firms & contact information of the person directed the plan for the client and the people who prepared the report. The release date of the story is also necessary. Transmittal letter is a one-page letter written by the research head, and it acts as proof that the report is submitted to the client. The client writes authorisation letter to the research firm in which fee structure, delivery dates and other authorisation stats are mentioned. The table of contents is designed based on the outcome of the report. The executive summary is the short synopsis of the report, and it is also called as mini-report. 

Body of the Report: The collection of the news consists of six elements, which are an introduction, background, methodology, findings, limitations of the study and conclusion/recommendations. The introduction part reviews the objectives of the report and highlights the client's proposal. The background part covers a review of the literature and secondary researches. The Methodology section explains the research design, sample design, data collection, fieldwork and statistical analysis. This is more technical, and the methods of the research process will be stated here. The findings section is the longest part of the report, and all the research results are mentioned here. In the limitations section, the limitations of the research are included. In the conclusions/recommendations, the researchers present the outcome and suggestions which will help for further studies. 

Appendices: It includes discussion guides, questionnaires, sampling methods, details on statistical analysis, data collection forms and tables for each survey questions. Mainly, tables and charts are used here to communicate their ideas. 

A researcher should know all these elements for writing a professional report. This is the formal process for writing a marketing research report. Also, if you need any help for writing report, then you can contact our Best Assignment Writers and get instant assistance.

Tips for Write a Marketing Research Report:

  • Consider why do you want to perform research and identify the objectives. 
  • Identify your customer & their behaviour and outline your research. 
  • Research thoroughly as much as you can for clarity. 
  • Only include the relevant finding in the report. 
  • Using charts, tables and graphs will be an advantage. 
  • Using images whenever necessary, and this will help in articulating ideas visually. 
  • Be precise while writing and make your point clear. 
  • Never forget to include appendix section. 
  • Check for grammatical and spelling mistakes after the completion of the report. 
  • Have someone else, read your description and analyse what you missed and what needs to be included. 

The marketing research process is always hectic, but by loving it and doing research with passion, will helps to achieve what they seek and how to write marketing research report easily. Moreover, you can get some ideas to write the best assignment from Assignment Samples, which is available on our website.

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