At the end of the year, the owner is going through the books and wants to analyse profits over the year. The profits in March through December were $718, $508, $963, $1370, $1418, $733, $1376, $925, $379, and $1511 respectively 19.

Create a new worksheet by clicking the tab at the bottom of the page, rename it “Profits” 20. Enter the headings (in bold) Month and Profit in cells A1 and B1, respectively 21. Type “January” in cell A2, then, with that cell selected click on the small black square at the bottom right corner of the cell and drag it down to fill A3 to A13 with the months of the year 22.

Resize the column width by dragging or double-clicking the line between the A and the B 23. In cell B2 and B3 write a formula to link to the relevant cells in the other worksheets 24. Add in the remaining profit data to cells B4 to B13 25. Add a border around every cell to the table 26. In cell, A14 put the header “Average” in bold and in cell B14 write a formula by summing the values and dividing by 12 to calculate the average monthly profit. Add borders around these cells


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