Leading and Managing Change and Crisis Assignment Title: Group Individual Journal(Weighting:05%)The Group Reflection Journal is a learning journal. That means it is a place where you can record YOUR thoughts, feelings, and observations about your group activity. You can record YOUR thoughts, feelings, and comments any way you like. For example, you can write in a notebook, or use your phone, iPad, or laptop. However, you will have to submit the document on Canvas at the end of the term, and it will receive a mark. ?You can include pictures, diagrams, or any other creative materials you’d like.?You will update this document each week based on in-class learning activities. ?Each week we will complete group activities in-class, and you will be provided time to reflect on these experiences. ?During this time you should record YOUR thoughts, feelings, and observations about your group activity.?Think about questions such as how did you group-up; what worked well; what didn’t work too well—write notes to yourself in your journal.? The Group Reflection Journal is NOT a group journal.? There is no word count limit or even specific questions required within the Group Reflection Journal—it is based on your individual experience of your group activities. ?You can draw pictures!? I do not need to see your journal each week—it is for Assessment journal should be learning diary of notes, observations, thoughts, drawings, or other relevant materials collected in response to in-class group activities. Best answers will have identified strengths, areas for improvement and preferences when working in groups that were subsequently investigated further over the term. The journal should NOT be a detailed report of the group’s responses to the in-class activity--rather it should be a reflection about group processes and individual learning. Best answers will compare the pros and cons of different group experiences. Although creativity is highly encouraged, the Journal should have some sense of structure with dates and activities noted. Best responses will demonstrate progress over time, exploring identified areas further over the term. ASSIGNMENT 2-Leading and Managing Change and Crisis Assignment Title: Group Reflection Paper Word Length: 1500 Words(Weighting:15%)Your group work reflection paper is a written assessment of your learning based on the material in the group reflection journal and must be:?A thoughtful, detailed analysis of the reflections in your diary and therefore your individual experience of working in groups this term? Word-processed, spell and grammar checked?Approximately 1,500 words in length you may NOT exceed the word limit, please ensure you put the word count on your paperwork count does not include images, diagrams, drawings, bibliography, appendices, or anything else you would like to add. Creativity is highly encouraged.? You do not need to cite scholarly references; this is a reflection paper. However, if you do wish to include quotes, they must be appropriately cited. You must address all three of the following questions. Select two different group activities with two different groups (or composed of various group members) from your reflection journal entries —one good and one not-so-good group experience for you.oPlease identify where the listings for these two groups appear in your group reflection journal (or date, group activity, page #, etc.)compare and contrast these different groups and analyze why you think one group worked well and one worked less well, in your opinion.2. Concerning your answer to question 1, reflect on how you grouped-up [or formed your team] in these two different groups and how that process subsequently impacted your group’s performance.3. Consider the role you took up in the two different groups discussed in question 1. In hindsight, what did you learn and what might you do differently next time you are in a workgroup?


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