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The part of the field of economics that talks about the evaluations, values and research theories that have been finalized on the topic of the fairness on economics or the effects and impacts of the economy towards the targets, aim or objectives of the policy from the public or general view that has been analyzed is called “Industrial economics assignment”. People who study and research economics deeply are called Economists. Generally, Economists to distinguish the topic of positive economics from the topic of “Industrial economics.” Most of the values and theories that have been researched and finalized in the area of economics are kept confidentially without leading to the leakage of the arguments, facts or studies on this specific topic.

How to analyze fundamental ways?

On the contrary to this theory, one of the well and widely known economists A Marty Sen. has said that he has divided the rational facts or opinions of the “Industrial economics” which usually is not on the basis of the views or events that are not based on the normative form of economics on which the other kind of economics do. He also has stated that he finds that the interesting fact here is that none of the theories or conclusions here has been demonstrated or illustrated in the fundamental way or method. This makes the most important judgment to be left open and free from the possibility of other discussions and conclusions in the area of scientific fields and departments.

Most of the normative kind of theories or readings and a particular type of opinions or conclusions have been often made and formed in the way and method of the idealism of practical. In this kind of discipline, these theories or findings are usually and widely known as “the art of economics.” By calling this as “the art of economics” the positive and valuable view of the tool of the functional area of these objectives could be kept or maintained as preserved and secured. Now let’s discuss a practical example of the Industrial economics assignment topics. The actual case is mentioned as follows; The price of a quality milk with a right amount of thickness should be of the cost of at least $6 so that the farmers in the dairy department or field could be able to receive a sum of share that could support for their living as well as to maintain the dairy farm for further business and living purposes.

Judgements and theories:

Now the example that we have seen above is generally considered as the statement of Industrial economics as it shows casts and throws light on the right judgment, theories, and conclusions of the Industrial economics. The above example is considered as a statement that explains not only the fundamental values of Industrial economics but also the judgemental values of the society. This statement of particular fact modifies the values and judgment that the farmer needs or deserves farms of families that are necessary to be saved.

Other fields of economics in the normative department or area include the theories or conclusions of choices and socials, the theories or findings of the games of cooperatives and the designs of mechanisms. Some of the problems of technical areas that have been deducted in the earlier times on the welfare of the economics in the society and the justice that is related to the theories have been addressed in the sufficient manner so that it could be left out of the topic from the consideration of the limited amount of proposals in the fields of applications. For instance, these could be considered as examples of the above factor and situation. The models are the allocation of resources, policies of public, not equality, indicators of social factors, measurement level in the area or field of poverty.

Distinguish between Positive Economics and Industrial economics:

The difference between the favorable economics and industrial economics will be unaffected by the standard and general views but the way of finding and differentiating the differences in these two types of favourable economics and industrial economics which is entirely by the value and individual areas. The favourable economics is by the facts and objectives whereas the normative kind of economics is based and applied to both benefits and subjective based. The statements of positive sort of economics have the capacity and ability to be approved by testing, proving or disapproving too. The comments that are of normative kinds are mostly put forward by opinions of the society.

By the basis of the above statement, we can quickly come to the conclusion that the comments that are of normative kinds could not be approved, disapproved or proved. However, the comments that are from normative types are generally considered as by the opinions and can be easily applied, implemented and approved, disapproved or proved. The central fact to be noted here is that these states have faced no issues in society and have been adopted by almost all the people, economists or the researchers too. The people, economists or the researchers who have supported statements that have been mentioned above have in-fact considered and accepted these statements as put forth and implemented by the values and norms.

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There is no way of means where it could be proved that the government is responsible for providing and taking care of the amenities such as care for health. This kind of Industrial economics assignment topics by the opinions of the role played and implemented by the government on the lives of the individuals, the responsibility for the health and its importance or necessity or the way or of paying for it.

The other statement is “government is responsible for providing the care for health by increasing the expenditures of the public.” This statement is considered a kind of statement that gets along with positive economic norms. This kind of explanation of positive economic models in the leading countries such as England and Canada, in these countries the government provides care for health for its citizens. No1AssignmentHelp.Com deals with all type of research topics in industrial economics assignment paper in MBA or graduate courses.

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