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The activities that are related to the industrial area such as organising, controlling, directing, calculating, planning, etc. are called procedures of business management. Financial management proves to be useful in many ways. It is usually applied in a company or an organisation for keeping track of resources and money spent. The decisions in the assessment area consist of fixed assets. This is otherwise known as capital budgeting. Investing in the current form of assets can also be included in the decisions of investment. This can be called as decisions of working capital. These can be linked to the increase of finance from different kind of ways. Get the MBA financial management assignments writing help with 2:1 quality
This depends upon the conclusion on the variety of the source, time of financing, their total cost and the profit gained from it. The manager of the finances is responsible for finalising decisions regarding the distribution of total profit. The distributed amount of overall benefit can be classified into two types.

  • One is the divided profit for the shareholders. In this type, the dividend and the amount of the profit should be finalised or fixed.
  • The other kind of benefit is the retained profit. Here the rate of the retained profits should be decided. Moreover, it will be adjusted based on the variation and expansion schemes of the company or the organisation.

How to Write Financial Management Assignment in MBA?

The general activities that are related to the area of financial management are allocation, procurement and controlling of resources in commercial areas of a company or an organisation.
The main aims of financial management are;

  • To make sure equal profits to the shareholders. This is ensured by determining the amount of earning, price of the share in the market and the finalised ideas of the shareholders.
  • To make sure that enough amount of materials is supplied to a particular company or the organisation.
  • To make sure safe and secure procedures are being implied in the process of managing the company or the organisation’s finances. For instance, this aid in making sure that the ventures and shares of the company or the organisation are invested in a safe and registered investment. This is being ensured and checked to finalise the rates and returns.
  • To make sure that the shares and funds are utilised appropriately and adequately. By this, the company or the organisation will be capable of achieving a high number of rates and returns. Hence it is often checked and made sure whether the shares and funds are available in a sufficient amount and is used properly. Thus, the company or the organisation manages their amount of rates and returns.

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