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The issue relating to strategic management Assignment the branch of MBA study comprise of the planning and execution of key objectives and activities that are stipulated by the management of a business group taking into consideration the internal and external environment of the company. The importance of this subject of MBA is related to the identification of the crucial objectives of the company, formulating the policies to achieve the related objectives, and after assigning the necessary resources for the purpose of execution of the plans. The two aspects of strategic management in an organization are related to the Formulation and Implementation of the strategies planned by the organization.
Planning of the strategies
During Planning of the strategies, a detailed study related to the operational sector of the organization is carried out. After that, a series of strategic future activities are considered for the progress of the business group. The multiple numbers of methods of analysis are activated for the valuation of the environment of the organization as stated below :

  • Porter’s 5 forces,
  • Benchmarking,
  • SWOT analysis etc.

By application of the above, corrective measures for some of the important plans are taken up. These measures are listed as short term measures and as long term objectives and valuation of the same.
Implementation of the Objectives Planned
In this assessment of the measures that should be taken to achieve the objectives planned in the previous stage are listed. Every shareholder of the organization must be involved in the planning activity. This involves the preparation of a strategic route map that is considered as the key issues like :

  • market,
  • operations,
  • finances,
  • work environment etc.

The above issues direct them in the achievement of the resolution. Here generally Balance scorecards are considered and utilized to fix the vision of the organization and thereafter a detailed shareholder analysis is implemented.

MBA Strategic Management Assignment Help

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While implementing strategic management activities, essays are given to devising a full-proof marketing plan. The majority of the strategic management assignment is divided into two categories.

In the first part, internal and external analyses are carried out on the organizational status. In the second part by means of applying information collected in the first part are utilized to implement marketing strategies.
The ways of improvement of marketing strategies:
Critical analysis: By means of the study of marketing rubric identified at the strategic management assignment as follows :

  • critical analysis,
  • interpretation of the test,
  • data analysis was done to formulate strategic directions, and
  • implementation of objectives using tactical actions

Therefore, the main action should be effective analysis tools for the formulation of strategic decisions and implementation. A strong grip on the strategic management concepts and framing the same so that this portion of the assignment is planned in an organized manner. A student should acquire in-depth knowledge about the strategic management process. It is necessary to concentrate on some salient points for maximizing your work-related contribution while framing a strategic management assignment document.
First pressure point
PESTLE, SWOT analysis, and Porter’s forces are known as the best procedure for analysis of the organizational status in a specific order of strategic management assignment.
PESTLE analysis is not a separate analysis, but based on the specifications prepared while conducting a SWOT analysis. It contributes to a base for SWOT analysis. It is used to identify so many factors like :

  • political,
  • economic,
  • social,
  • technological,
  • legal and
  • environmental factors.

This analyses the benefits, one is to conceptualize and point out the external issues that affect a certain organization both in a positive way and negative way.

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After SWOT analysis is completed, PESTLE analysis is carried out both in an internal and external work environment of the organization. This is done to evaluate the status of the company. It presents an outline of the following :

  • strengths,
  • weakness,
  • opportunities, and
  • threats the company is facing.

Benefits of the SWAT analysis

This analysis helps to gain in understanding the strength and weakness and hence create weakness while increasing the stronger aspects of the company.
After this activity, Porter’s five forces activity may be conducted to make the magnitude of competition in a business organization and its level of profitability.
Porters’ five forces in strategic management assignment
The reasons of competitive pressure in an organization are evaluated by the five key components of Porter’s methodology. By conducting Peters’ analysis students can explain the reasons why the company can maintain profitability analysis.
Second Pressure point
After the valuable objectives from the outcomes of the analyses are conducted, you have to focus on how these objectives are to be implemented. The most widely applied methods are as stated below :

  • implementation of strategy
  • budgeting,
  • preparing a balanced scorecard,
  • apply of Ansoff matrix etc.

The importance of a balanced scorecard is to present the business activities to the vision of the organization. The A balance clarify four issues to the management:-

  • The way and means of customers are considered by the organization
  • Identifies the area in which the organization should proceed
  • The answer to the ability of the company in improving and generating the organizational value
  • An approach towards the shareholders
  • implementation of management strategy

After the Business scored is generated a detailed shareholder Analysis should be implemented to realize the impacts of the decisions on the organizational activity by prime shareholders.Shareholder Analysis comprises of:-

  • Identification of stakeholders
  • Analysing the Position of the company
  • Project assessment of each stakeholder
  • Assessment of mismatching of opinions and areas of clash of opinion in decision making
  • Assessment of the similarity in interest
  • Assessment of requirement to influence the view and approach of the shareholders

Stakeholder Analysis

Mistakes in preparing strategic management analysis assignments: Analysis of the strategic management paper can make the possibility that the student will end up with the wrong result due to a lack of knowledge about its method of operation.
It may happen while conducting PESTEL analysis a student commits a normal mistake of providing an unpracticable target, concentrating on only one category, etc. Ignore a single component that may lead to a false outcome.
A great effort and talent are necessary to conduct strategic analyses and a little mistake may make the student arrive at a false conclusion. It may ultimately result in a poor grade for the student. Since the student does not have knowledge on the subject, you require an MBA Assignment writing help from our Assignment Help service provider.

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