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Innovation and versatility are the essential virtues of an operation manager. To become an operation manager, it is pertinent to study operation management. Since operation management involves the conversion of labour with materials to goods and services, it is vital for any organization. Hence the studies of operation management need a high level of case studies to prove the efficiency of such conversions. We cover below topics

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Operation management case study is of holistic operations of the organization:
Unlike other studies, operation management is about the efficiency of the organizations. Hence many students pursue this education to have a bright career. It means of managing organizations and when done efficiently, could take them up in their career to any level. Since there is a vast scope in this operation management study, it is natural for the case studies to be robust. Students who could understand their book study easily find it difficult to complete the case studies of operation management. It is because of its real-time issues and complexities. The case study topics are daunting, which would be possible only with experience to find proper questions and solutions to them.

Operation management a combination of tradition and technology:

The traditional balancing of costs with revenue for maximum profit and use of technology to effectively convert materials by labour to goods and services is operation management. A successful operational manager is one who could reap maximum benefits for the organization. It is because of this reason, and it is a renowned institution for writing case studies of operation management worldwide.
Case studies of specific responsibilities of operation management:
The case study topics of operation management are more than any other subject of graduation. Since it involves various responsibilities, its scope is broad and vast. It could be any of the following topics, among others:

  • Project Management
  • Determining the size of manufacturing plants
  • Quality control
  • Effectively maintaining the existing methods of operations
  • Implementing the structure of information technology networks
  • Management of inventory levels
  • Raw materials acquisition
  • Material handling
  • Formulating and maintaining maintenance policies
  • Ensuring minimal waster occurrence
  • Managing inventory through the supply chain
  • Understanding local and global trends to deliver customer demands
  • Supply goods at a reasonable price and in time
  • Finding vendors who need products
  • Ability to evaluate current structures
  • Co-ordinate and develop new process with the latest technology
  • Follow up of customers to meet the quality and functionality needs
  • Ability to distribute the feedback of customers to all departments
  • Make the labour and management team incorporate the feedbacks to increase productivity and profitability

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