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Reflective Journal is the process of writing events that happen to in life. Reflective Assignment is a crucial task given to students in colleges during personality development. It is the way to help students converting them to active to passive writers. Reflective journal Assignment is to increase the critical thinking of the students. Reflective Journal writing is generally the part of writing or jotting life events or ideas. This helps students to remember and think productively about the plans. The reflection journal possesses two different channels; one explains the description of the game. This has to be in narrative ways, which can be understood by everyone. The next is the reflection, and this is analytical thinking. Students have to be Keen on producing all the reflection cycle on the paper.
There Period of Reflective Journal Writing As Follows

  1. Description: This is the initial step to describe the event or idea of the student. This explains the scenario happened in the narrative format.
  2. Feelings: This is the step of adding warmth to the description done. This has to be mentioned to know about the thinking ability of the students. It showcases the perspective of the students in the event.
  3. Evaluation: This is the process of critical thinking. Here the student evaluates the event and adds up like what is happened, what has to be done or what not etc.
  4. Conclusion: Students conclude the Reflective Journal with the best conclusion part with reference if needed.

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