Identify the Major Issues/Problems of the Case Study Assignment

  1. Identify the major issues/problems of the case study assignment. What theories, research, or concepts from the class support your identification of the problem or significant issue? (Keep in mind that a case study may have many different issues, but it is OK to focus on one or two of those.)
  2. Present at least two alternative courses of action that can occur to address the issues that you identified in the case study assignment. Evaluate each of these possible courses of action (i.e., strengths and weaknesses of each). Be sure to include any concepts or models that we have discussed in the class, or that you have learned in other business classes, to support your various alternatives and the analysis of the problem.
  3. Make a recommendation as to what you think should be done. Be specific, not vague or general. Why do you think that is the best course of action? Make sure that your suggestions are doable by the company.

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The answer to the reader the question

 How each proposal can be implemented?

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