Leadership Case Study with Questions and Answers

Leadership is the action of leading a group or individual to understand and influence in facilitating them about what should be done and how it should be done to accomplish focused objectives. Leadership case studies with questions and answers are being provided by the world’s number one assignment help company called No1Assignmenthelp.Com. The practical part of theoretical knowledge is applied while writing a case study paper. A case study on leadership explains the principles of leadership that were used for the success of companies and how those principles can be utilized.

Writing a leadership case study assignment answers in-depth analysis of the topic is vital to gathering an enormous amount of information.

Listed below are a few essential questions before writing case studies on leadership.
  • What essential qualities should a leader possess?
  • What are the factors that could lead leaders to failure?
  • What is the significant difference between leadership and management?
  • How does a leader achieve the goals of an organization?

What essential qualities should a leader possess?

There are five main essential qualities that a leader should possess: Motivation, problem-solving ability, Vision, empowerment, and influence.

The first, and foremost quality of leadership should be motivation. A leader should motivate others and help them understand their role in business growth. A great leader should always have a positive attitude that can drive and help others knowing the importance of the work to be done and giving confidence that it can be done. The ability to solve a problem is a great quality leader, which lets them challenge the consequences and find all the possible and the best solutions. Great leaders should have a real vision that is big enough to inspire the team members.

A good leader empowers team members or subordinates by assigning appropriate tasks and guidance. Leaders who can influence these subordinates and team members produce excellent results in the excellence of the organization.

What are the factors that could lead leaders to failure?

When a leader does not have a resilient quality or nature, and if a leader does not direct the subordinate or team members appropriately towards the organization’s goals, these can lead to possible failure.

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What is the significant difference between leadership and management?

Motivating and influencing the team members or subordinates to work towards achieving goals and the organization’s success ultimately is leadership. A leader ensures to accomplish an organization’s success by appropriating the team members in the right direction, vision, and goals.

Achieving defined objectives by utilizing and coordinating the resources effectively with maximum efficiency is management. A manager must ensure the appropriate budget planning, and allocation of resources and solve the problem effectively.

A leader is someone who should inspire his team members to have a great vision and on whom the team members can rely for any work-related issues. Leaders should show quality work to become an example for their subordinates.

How does a leader achieve the goals of an organization?

To achieve the goals of an organization one should know how to lead the team with confidence during adverse circumstances. A leader should understand that high power comes with high responsibility. Hence they should be responsible enough to take up their own or their team’s mistakes and failures.

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