MGT560: Leading Organisation Module Assignment: Leadership Critique Answers

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The Purpose and Context

This assignment will help you to be able to evaluate the leadership style of a company and to make recommendations to a company.

Case Scenario

Choose either your current place of employment or a company that you have researched.

You are consultant who has been appointed by an organisation to create a report that researches and reviews the leadership strategy and needs of the organisation. The organisation also expresses the concern that they must develop a more 21st century approach towards leadership that better incorporates faster communication between departments and to make better use of the network dynamics that exist within their organisation.

Assignment Instructions

1. Write a report describing an organisation’s leadership practices. (25%)

2. Critique the leadership practice of that organisation. (25%)

3. Propose a new leadership style strategy plan that includes better communication and more effective use of the organisation’s network based off request from the organisation. The plan must include the following: (50%)

a. An evaluation of the current leadership style in the organisation and a revision of the current leadership policy that will help the company to move forward.

b. An explanation of how your chosen leadership style will influence the company’s culture.

c. A better departmental communication plan that utilizes 21st century technologies.

d. A detail summary of the networks that exist within the organisation and how they may be better utilized by the leadership in the future.


1. 3,500 – 4,000 words with APA Format.

2. Double-spaced (2.0) or One and a Half (1.5) spaced.

3. 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

4. Page Number (footer, right bottom corner).

5. 4 major sections: Table of Content, Title Page, Main Body, References.

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Assignment Guideline/Policy

A. Assignment Cover Page

For every assignment submission, fill in and add Assignment Cover Page (official EIU cover page). Make sure you write your name in full (as written on your passport: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name). Do NOT edit the cover page, just fill in the information needed.

* Assignments without the correct EIU cover page, will NOT be accepted.

B. Formatting Your Document

EIU requires in-text citations and presentation of work using the APA guidelines. Please add between 5 – 20 references for the core modules and 20 – 30 for the Action Research paper. For formatting, the work must be typed and double-spaced (2.0) or one and a half (1.5) spaced will do on a standard-sized paper (8.5”x11”), with 1” margin on all sides and using 12 pt. Times New Roman font. In the footer, make sure you always include the page number on the right bottom corner.

All assignments must always include 6 major sections:

1. Cover Page

2. Table of Content

3. Introduction

4. Main Body

5. Conclusion

6. References

All core module assignments should have a minimum of 3,500 and a maximum of 4,000 words. Action Research Paper should have a minimum of 5,000 and a maximum of 5,500 words.

* Titles, Sub-titles, Table of Content and References are NOT included in the word count.

C. Naming Your Document

The file name has to be in the following format:

"Module Number – First Name Last Name – Programme Name.pdf"

Ex: MGT510 – John Doe – MBA in General Management.pdf

Ex: EDUC510 – John Doe – MSIET.pdf

* Your work must be saved as one PDF document only.

D. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered as an academic misconduct and shall be taken very seriously by EIU. In essence, students should not copy the work of any other student. Ideas from any and all sources must be properly cited and quoted. It is fine to use ideas, words, and short passages from the writings of others in their writing, as long as they acknowledge the source.

The below rules for plagiarism shall be strictly implemented:

• Teachers are required to check the students’ work and make sure they follow the APAreferencing format.

• In any case the student exceeds 25% plagiarism similarity, marker(s) would need to report to EIU along witha copy of the plagiarized work.

• EIU would then be responsible to notify the student via email and would lodge the case in the student’s file.

• Students will not be permitted to re-submit the work and will receive an automatic F (Fail) or 0%.

E. Failed Assignments

1. Students are required to read, understand and follow the Assignment Guideline/Policy document to ensure they successfully complete the assignments.

2. If students don’t meet the assignment guidelines/policies, their assignments will get an automatic F (Fail) or 0%.

3. If students would like to re-do the module/assignment, an additional fee of €50 for the core modules and €100 for research paper will be added.

4. Students are requested to pass ALL of the modules in order to graduate from the programme.

F. Uploading Assignments

Once you have successfully uploaded your assignment in PDF format, you will see the message, “Assessment Submitted”. You will receive the grade for the submitted assignment within 4 – 6 weeks for the core modules and 2-3 months for the research paper.

G. Grading Scale