MAN5402 Project Scheduling And Control Assignment Answers

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This is an individual assignment, not a group assignment.

The assignment is centered on creating project scheduling documents about a likely project plan for a new business venture. You can choose any one of the 5 business ventures listed in the assignment briefing document.

You MUST use one of the 5 new business ventures listed.

For the assignment, assume that you are planning to start a new business, and you need to develop a project schedule for this new business. The detailed instructions are available above. Please submit through the assignment link below. The marking rubric is shown above.
Instructions for creating the Panopto video are contained in the assignment instructions below, and the Panopto link can be accessed through the submission link below. Your submission MUST include all of the deliverables attached as electronic documents in addition to the video.

An exemplar assignment is available above. This was not a top scoring assignment, but it shows the standard of work that is expected. Remember your assignment is not a group assignment. It is an individual piece of work that you must do by yourself.

Unit learning outcomes:

1.Appreciate the importance of project purpose in creating and managing cost and time
2.Demonstrate expertise in developing a baseline schedule and budget
3.Demonstrate expertise in monitoring and controlling against the cost and schedule baseline
4.Critique traditional scheduling and costing techniques and their role in project failure.

The assignment is centred on creating project scheduling documents about a likely project plan for a new business venture. For the assignment, assume that you want to start a new business, and you need to develop a set of project planning documents for this new business.
WARNING – Do not actually set up a business or apply for an ABN! This is a desk top planning exercise and you have not been asked to start a real business!
• Choose a business from the list below.
• Conduct online research to establish the likely activities and their sequence that would be required to get this project started. Hint – think about both the project and the product or service.
• Refer to the unit textbook for guidance about defining the scope, eliciting requirements and defining your WBS. You can simulate obtaining this information – you do not need to go and interview anyone.
• You can find useful guidance here:
Assignment Deliverables
1. A detailed WBS for your new business.
2. A project network created from your WBS.
3. A realistic schedule based on the WBS and project network.
4. A summary report (not exceeding 2000 words) explaining what you have done and any scheduling and control recommendations that you will follow as a result of your research to ensure your project is a success. Base this on your research and make it specific to your new business venture. Do not ‘cut and paste’ ideas from the unit textbook.
5. Provide evidence to support any recommendations you make (tailor these to your new business, and link these to the specific type of project/industry you are entering).
6. Create a summary video using Panopto – it should be no more than 10 minutes long. In this video, assume you are briefing a potential investor or business partner about the findings of your work. Tell them what you have done, what you have discovered about the project’s schedule, and what recommendations you are making about how to monitor and control the project. Try and make the video professional, interesting and enjoyable.
Business Ideas

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Choose any one of the business ideas below. Try to choose one that is realistic and understandable to you.
New Business List
1. Antique Business: Make money from old treasures and have fun doing it! Scout around at garage sales, auctions, junk shops and markets for great buys on antique furniture, toys, clothing and other treasures from the past. Then rent space at a suitable place or set up a stall at weekend fairs to sell your antiques.
2. Garage, shed and attic cleaning and removal service: Nobody likes to spend their weekend cleaning out the garage, attic or garden shed - it's dirty and time-consuming, and when it's done, there's still the task of removing all that discarded junk. But if you don't mind putting in the physical labour, a cleaning and removal service can be a lot of fun. You can usually find a few treasures among the trash which most people are delighted to give away, and you can add to your income by recycling bottles, newspapers and metal castoffs. You'll need a ute or a trailer that is capable of carrying everything from cast-iron sinks to old timbers.
3. Mobile window tint: With some training and basic equipment, you can set up a mobile window-tinting business. For best results, have a phone and a van ready to help car, van, truck or homeowners prevent heat damage to their vehicle or building interiors.
4. Personal trainer: Australians of all ages, sizes and shapes want to keep fit, trim and healthy, and they're willing to hire their own personal coach to exercise correctly. Spread the word about your physical-fitness expertise at health spas, running, swimming and biking clubs, and other athletic outlets.
5. Records search: Using specialised databases, you'll search public records on your computer to help your clients find lost loves, check out questionable suitors, track down debtors, verify a contractor's track record, or dig up facts on a business opportunity. Clients include attorneys, business owners and individuals.
Note - You must only use one from the above list. You cannot nominate your own business.

Words Count : 5000 Words

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