Research Paper on "Airbus" Valuation Finance Assignment Writing

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Need a research paper on topics "Airbus" for about 2000 words excel? Calculations with different valuation methodologies to evaluate the value the company “Airbus”.

Explain theory for valuation & give calculation (in excel) for airbus company valuation by different methods, use EUR as currency for calculation.

Need to explain in detail on valuation methodologies along with excel calculation used such as

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Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Approach

Future cash flows discounted to the present by some

  • Risk-adjusted discount rate (weighted average cost of capital = WACC)
  • Book Value Approach
  • Replacement Cost Approach

Market Approach

Use multiple of revenues, earnings, or other performance metrics computed by comparing to actual trading activity (current market valuation) of public companies and recent transactions

  • Also add company comparison with Boeing
  • Add some charts to show performance of Airbus vs boeing


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