Starbucks Case Study Questions Answers

Starbucks case study with questions and answers and the marketing strategies being adopted by Starbucks at present. Starbucks abstractly represents itself as a top-quality coffee for the high class and distinguishes itself from other cafes by providing a pleasant ambience with Wi-Fi facilities so that their customers can relish in surfing the net while having coffee.

What did Starbucks do to their customers?

In our case study, we explain the marketing strategy adopted by Starbucks, and that has remained unconventional. Starbucks usually avoid using common advertisement methods like newspaper ads, television ads, billboards etc. As an alternative, they go for word-of-mouth to promote their brand name. And most importantly, they never compromised the quality of their coffee beans, and they were the very first ones to bring in the Italian burnt espresso flavor into use. To justify their quality product, they price their product slightly higher when compared to other cafes.

They made their place as a perfect location to relax for themselves when coming from the office. They give utmost preference to the customer satisfaction, and that is the strongest favorable point that made them get this standing. If you enter into a Starbucks outlet, you will be given special treatment, and you will probably feel like you are in an extraordinary place. To know more about Starbucks, Avail Starbucks case study questions answers only from trusted and reputed company from Australia.

Marketing Strategies of Starbucks Case Studies

Starbucks usually make use of the latest hype of social media and take full advantage of it. They adopted their most recent marketing tactics around social Media like creating separate fan pages on Twitter and Facebook and where they respond to many new consumers and be in contact with them by sharing photos, videos and mainly the latest promotional information. The main thing to say, Starbucks always keep its menu fresh by continuously coming up with innovative items and many different blends and tastes in their coffee. Also, they valued their consumers’ health and introduced the latest hit drinks like green tea along with iced tea and Frappuccino. These drinks taste good in warmer climates, and people go for it willingly. Also, they stand against the criticism in the wastages that they produce and made effective moves to lessen the wastage that their cafes produce by recycling. They took into consideration all the criticism they gotten about recycling their paper coffee cups and this made their position strong in the hearts of their valuable customers.

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