MBA Strategic Management Assignment Answers

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Basic Instructions for this assignment;

  • It’s a combination of case study and questions with each question carry 9-marks.
  • Choose a Company type mentioned at the end of this assignment. All questions should follow one organization type. (Use any dummy Company Name).
  • Define basics of each topic, or introduction, if asked in each question.
  • If the topic is already mentioned in the Executive summary, then again mention in the any relevant question, if asked.
  • Do question no. 6 after question no. 3 (because Q4, Q5 & Q7 depends on Q6, so follow this sequence to answer logically).
  • Refers Q8, follow Michael Porter from google topics or use google scholar (for growth strategy and long term JV’s, organic & Inorganic business types etc).
  • Q9 is club of Q3a and Q6.
  • Refrs Q10, give atleast three recommendations. Challenges & Mitigations to address.
  • Refers Q11, follow standard procedures of company, governance to Implement the strategy and its review methodology.
  • Conclusion must be of atleast 10 lines.



This assignment should be based on a business with which you have had some recent exposure and with which you are familiar.

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Presenting your findings

Your report should be presented in a management report format which includes below:

Executive summary (make it brief, no more than 2 pages),

Also Introduce the business entity in consideration, its history, milestones it has achieved in past, market share, industry it operates, industry analysis

Your report should incorporate the following steps:

  1. Find the firm’s existing vision, and mission statement
  2. Prepare vision and mission statements for the organization, what you think it should be as, per knowledge developed in your study.
  3. (a) Find the organization’s external opportunities and threats.

(b) Develop PESTEL

  1. Design a Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM).
  2. Construct an External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix
  3. Identify the organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Construct an Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix.
  5. Recommend long-term objectives and specific strategies to achieve them. Compare your recommendations to actual strategies planned by the company.
  6. Choose (as many as you can) matrix from question 9.

Prepare a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) Matrix, Strategic Position and Action Evaluation (SPACE) Matrix, Boston Consulting

Group (BCG) Matrix, Internal-External (IE) Matrix, Grand Strategy Matrix,

and Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) as appropriate.

  1. Specify how your recommendations can be implemented and what results you can expect. What Management, Marketing, Finance/Accounting, R&D and CIS issue, if any you foresee. Your recommendations to address them.
  2. Recommend procedures for strategy review and evaluation.

Type of organization

  • If your organisation is part of a larger international one, you can consider only your country's division. Avoid considering individual departments or sections of an organisation as this will constrain you to deal with functional-level strategy only.
  • If it is a government department, proceed with an analysis of that division, providing, it is a budgetary centre. Dealing with a subdivision will constrain you to deal with functional-level strategy only.
  • If your organisation is an independent, not-for-profit entity, proceed according to the advice above.

Make sure the conclusion is not just a summary of your recommendations. Emphasize the key recommendations in your conclusion and consider how they might be auctioned.

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