Total Quality Management Case Study with Questions and Answers

TQM (Total Quality and Management) case study with questions and answers represents the management approach to continued success through the satisfaction of the customer. It is engaged with an organisation to satisfy the stakeholder’s needs to be integrated with the functions of organizations like Human Resource, Customer Care, Production, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, etc.

Stages in TQM Case Study with Solutions:-It is classified into four categories:

Strategy- First phase of TQM which involves doing, examining every process;

Preparation – This is one of the critical phases of TQM. The staff members and Teammates specify their queries, issues and problems in this stage.

Execution – At this stage, team members with each other and give opinions about the problem. Many techniques are combined to resolve the issues faced by the workers.

Performance – Last stage of TQM where workers note the outcome of every procedure and process.

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