Zipcar Case Study with Questions and Answers

Do you know what car sharing is? It is a concept that comes as the next stage of carpooling. Carpooling makes sure that you drive only with a full complement of all the passengers, but car sharing makes sure that every single car bought is used to a greater extent and as much as it can. This concept helps families accomplish this with just an only vehicle. People staying at home don’t need to think of buying a new car so that they can be mobile the very next time they want to run out to any grocery shop. As an alternative, they go for a reasonable choice in rental cars with excellent services like Zipcar. If you are looking for a 'Zipcar Case Study with Questions and Answers' then No1AssignmentHelp.Com is the right place to get a case study writing service with the most experienced Assignment Writers from Australia.

How to Answer Zipcar Case Study Questions?

Zipcar is today’s leading American membership-based car-sharing and rental service organization providing prior reservations to its very own members. It is usually billable by the day or unusual hours. It is an excellent alternative to conventional car rental services. They also share Zipcars in many different states of the USA, UK, and Canada. They also branched out their presence on around two hundred college campuses throughout North America.

Zipcar Case Study Analysis

One can reserve Zipcars by calling them or online too, around the clock, all through a week. You can book a Zip car a few minutes in advance, or you can book it before a year too. This company has firmly placed its position in its service as an affordable alternative to car rental services. In recent times, it has expanded its vehicle task force to include SUVs and many luxury cars. The prices are attractive and very low for hourly-basis reservations. Every single booking offers about 125 free miles, so it is very comfortable for short-distance drives. Insurance policies are also included in the prices for Zipcars.

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Advantages of using Zipcar:

  • Our zip cars make your travels much more convenient and comfortable all through the way.
  • We provide customer-friendly service and are extremely accommodating to the wide-ranging demands of our esteemed customers.
  • You can easily reserve these cars online and getting their service would not be a hard thing to do so.
  • Now you can proudly say goodbye to the maintenance costs of your very own car.
  • You will find more time for yourself as you don’t need to drive carefully, and you can do your work in your traveling time.
  • It helps you get rid of the parking hassles and parking costs.
  • You will be dropped off at your exact location.
  • The most beautiful part of this service is, you can ask for another car if you are not satisfied with the provided car.
  • There is a diverse collection of cars available that you can reserve for your personal use. You can get a luxurious car, a small car, a caravan, or even a large truck too.

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