How to Write a Marketing Research Paper

09 Aug 2019 02:11:21 AM

"Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing." - Werner von Braun

A marketing research paper analyses the present market conditions of a particular industry. It helps to predict future marketing trends and sets the goals of businesses. The researches could be qualitative or quantitative as per the need of the organizations. Even a local small business owner needs to know how to make a marketing research paper, and their marketing efforts are working. They have to be sure that their marketing is enhancing their prospects. Only a percentage of these prospects will become clients. Moreover, marketing assignment research report which summarizes the research efforts help in the growth and success of the businesses.

The Purpose of the Research is of the Paramount Importance of Writing a Marketing Research Paper:

For any businesses or organizations, it is pertinent to know for what the purpose of researching is. Only that will enable them to convert the research report to successful companies. Without proper use, the research will end nowhere and could be fruitless. Hence before starting the research paper, it is vital to be crystal clear of the purpose to know how to make a marketing research paper. Also, if you have any query regarding marketing research paper, then you can contact our assignment writers and clear it out.

Write a Report on the Purpose of the Market Research Paper:

To write the research paper report, the following questions have to be answered first. Only then the story could be of any use to find out the grey areas of the marketing efforts and the positive areas. It could be useful to reduce the mistakes and increase the positives for the progressive growth of the businesses.

The Questions to be Answered before Writing the Market Research Report:

  • What information or data is crucial for the business?
  • What will be the next step after the market research report?
  • What are the plans to implement as per the market research report?
  • Did the marketing efforts reach the customers and prospects or not?
  • What are the ways of converting prospects to customers or clients?

The Two Steps to Writing a Marketing Research Paper:

The following are the two steps to write an excellent marketing research paper. 

  1. Conduct a survey
  2. Conduct situational analysis

Conduct a Survey:

As per the requirement of topic or research, a first-hand study is essential. It is better to do it personally by visiting the nearby stores or door to door surveys. 

It is Crucial to Know the Following:

  • To identify the customer
  • Evaluate the problems the customer face due to the product
  • Find out the solutions to rectify those problems
  • Evaluate the way the product solves the challenges of the customers'
  • Identify the competitions and competitive advantage

Step 1: How to Evaluate Market Research Terms?

  1. Evaluate the market and conclude what you need to know about it
  2. By reviewing economic alternatives find out the ways and means to conduct the research
  3. Estimate the budget for the research
  4. Decide on the topic which is vital for the research paper to reflect the content of the study and its intention
  5. Prepare an outline for writing the case study

Step 2: How to Get Authentic Information?

  1. Get relevant and trustworthy data from all available sources to persuade the reader 
  2. Then the perfect structure should be written for the market research paper:
  • Title page – Should contain the date and the author-name
  • Thesis Statement – It is a summary statement that specifies the purpose of the research paper
  • Introduction - Should be brief and catchy to capture the reader's attention to read the full research paper 
  • Body – It contains all the necessary and relevant information on the topic

3. Keep the readers in mind while writing the market research paper and to absorb their attention, use graphics, text, video, format and many other useful tools judiciously. 

Step 3: Plan the Objective Correctly:

  1. The goal should be written in such a way that it justifies the expenditure on the research 
  2. Use any format that applies exactly for the research paper and does not become the slave of a particular form
  3. The summary should contain what the approve of the research wants and in what way he/ she wants
  4. Explain your inquiry using a short and interesting story
  5. Incorporate minimum methodology in the beginning

Step 4: How to Brief the Research Paper?

  1. Be as briefer as possible and organized through writing the research paper
  2. Use wherever possible pictures instead of words, as they have more impact on the reader
  3. The ways to make the reading of graphs easy:
  4. Figures tend to obfuscate the reader and using them correctly is essential, and some of them are :
  5. See to that all the axis ends with the same percentage

Step 5: How to Set Basic Format?

  1. Throughout the research paper use the same colour on graphs
  2. It is essential to include the precise question wording with each figure or table
  3. Include the base size with all figures and tables
  4. For less critical information but relevant to the market, research should be included in the appendix.

Also, if you are still facing any hurdle while preparing a marketing research paper, then you can take help from assignment samples which is available on our website. 


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