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Medical case study is that to know about the patient diseases and cure them with the practical need. The case study discusses the symptoms, diagnosis and by seeing these kinds of sign, the doctor will treat them. It is essential to see a patient because by them the medicine has to be learned. It is critical that even patients should know his/her disease. It gives a result what feather important to evaluate initial investigation. it also provides more benefits for medical student, and they can have more knowledge about those cases.

There are a lot of case studies in medical case:

  • Dermatology Case Study: It treats diseases both medical and surgical aspects. It treats with cosmetic problems. In widest sense
  • Cardiology Case Study: It deals with a disorder of hearts and its circulation system; it has medical diagnosis and treatment for a heart disorder
  • Neurology Case Study: It deals with a nervous system and diseases involved in the central and peripheral nervous system.
  • Pediatrics Case Study: It involves children health. In the U.S the doctor has recommended giving pediatric care for children in an age of 21.
  • Gastroenterology Case Study: It deals within the digestive system and its disorder; it checks the whole body from mouth to anus.
  • Electronic Health Record: It reports in a digital format that gives accurate value or reading the heartbeat. It can be shared with a different network because when the doctor doesn’t know the solution that the doctor can share it with a specialist.

How to Write Medical Case Study Analysis Assignment ?

If a patient is affected with new diseases, they will have advance treatment. Clinical research is used for the safety for the patients what to do and what not to do, it differs from clinical practice. Informing the patients is very important or evens the people who know the patients. If the information is given to that person, then the feathering process can be done by check-ups and all other the treatments.

Clinical research is data on safety which is approved by the authority committee. all these can be done by seeing the case study of medical assignment. The investigation takes full responsibility .it doesn’t mean that it would be safe; it has all the risk to find the new disease. Case report plays a role in medical education that provides base structure learning. It is a medical communication, and it is a new knowledge from the clinical practice.

Medical Case Study: It is an analysis of so many events and to have excellent communication. The medical case study assignment is for doctors that give treatment to the patients, he/she writes the experience that has been learning from the patients. It would be easy to understand what the current patient situation.

Presenting a Case Study in Medical/Nursing:

  • Read and exam and highlight the important problems
  • Identifying key problems
  • Possible solution
  • Choosing the right solution

Choosing Medical Case Study Title:

It very important because when the reads research about the paper the title should be essential to decide it is a case study or case report, the claim must be apparent to the reader. By seeing the title, only the patient has to be treated.

 Identify the Authors:

It shows the name and the professional information about that person who writes the report. They should be authorised by the higher person. They define the articles and get approval before giving to the public

It is essential to list out some keyword because by giving some keywords the people can research about those studies. The keywords can be used by the name of machines or treatment that has been treated to the patients.

Medical Case Study Abstract:

Its essential part of the paper because they play a significant role:

  • Narrative part: this part has one paragraph that summarises the study and the result
  • The structure this part is fundamental because it gives valuable information to the paper .it gives the more in-depth report to the article by this part the reader will decide to look into the research or not.

Case Study Introduction in Medical:

It is the tricky part for the study research. It should cover significant components of the study there are some cover that can be listed:

  • Why this case study is important?
  • The history of the case.
  • If there are any challenges for this case.
  • If new technique should be a need.
  • There would be some similar cases.
  • If they know about the diseases and how did they treat them.
  • Now at the present what they have newly known.

Presenting the Case: It shows a brief presentation about the patients, that why this patient needs this treatment and what help does this patient needs.

Blind the Study: It shows the patient to identify its name or given number. That is important to the patients.

Management and Outcome: it gives the patients care and the outcome treatment. This case explains the outcomes and control of the patient.

Discussion: this part to give suggestion about the treatment and for future studies. This would be similar to some other case.

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A medical case study is critical to the people who got affect by diseases. The doctor studies the patients and writes the symptoms and further process of the treatment. It’s just like nursing care which undertakes the process. Some case studies will be in the group, that student takes part about the research. The case study should have a prestigious title that has been referred to the patient. There would be a lot of similar cases by that kind of situation it can be treated but some similar case it gives a different reaction, so it provides a lot of effects to find the correct treatment. The case study has different treatment and different phenomena to the patients by researching in data or the case study the patient. There would be a lot of question for some case study, some have theory development, and by referring to the case study, the patient can be treated.

  • The medical case study assignment is critical to the doctor and for the patients that will be treated casually.
  • Case study assignment consists of the main things about the topic and some other related items.
  • Every assignment work is been creative, and the own thoughts have been discussed in the assignment.

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