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This category of Tax accounting is an impressive display of accounting methods motivated by taxation which is more than the appearance of financial statements of the public. The accounting related to Tax is controlled by the Internal Code of Revenue, which dictates certain rules that companies and individuals should abide by when estimating their tax returns. This is also considered as a means of accounting for tax returns. This Tax Accounting It applicable to everybody and may comprise:

  • individuals,
  • businesses,
  • corporations, and
  • other entities.

Even the exempted persons relieved from paying taxes should take part in tax accounting and return. The motive of tax accounting should have the ability to track funds in and out associated with individual persons, groups, or business houses.

Tax Calculation and Effective Tax Rate

There are multiple methods of tax calculation. Among them, the most simple way to estimate the effective tax rate is to divide the taxable income by gross income before taxes. As an example, if a company earns $100,000 and pays tax of $20,000, the effective rate of tax should be equal to 20,000 ÷ 100,000 or 0.20 x100=20 % Average tax rate of taxpayers is considered as the share of taxable income that he or she needs to pay an income tax and is generally deducted at the source of income. The marginal rate of tax is the tax rate applicable to his or her last taxable income. The average tax rate of taxpayers may be lower than the tax deducted in a particular year.

The difference between Tax Accounting and GAAP

The U.S.A. has two sets of methods that are used in tax accounting, which are different and confusing. Tax accounting principles have their first position and the second place is occupied by financial accounting, or GAAP, generally accepted accounting principles.

At GAAP, companies must observe a common group of accounting theories, standards, and processes when they correlate their financial accounting for any financial activities. The balance sheet can be formulated differently when preparing financial statements and the amount of tax payable. For instance, companies can prepare their financial statements following the first-in-first-out system or FIFO system for recording their inventory for financial requirements, yet they can execute alternatively, the LIFO method ie. the last-in-first-out procedure for taxation purposes.

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