5 P’s of Marketing Strategy Case Study Assignment Help

'Assignment Help' provides '5 P's of Marketing Strategy Case Study Assignment Help', and it is a design or plan to promote the selling of a product. The primary goal of the marketing strategy is to attract customers or clients to buy a product by addressing the customer’s needs. Marketing strategies are developed along with a marketing plan even before a business is launched. There are five essential elements of ‘P’ in the marketing strategy. These elements help you build your business and let you think about different aspects of your business development. 5 P's of marketing strategy case study include Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People.

5 P’s of Marketing Strategy Case Study Assignment Help


Whatever product you sell, how you establish the features of your company’s product is essential. An important point about the product is it should solve the consumer’s problem if your product does not solve their problem and address their needs; it becomes tough for your product to sustain in the market. You can still add on the unique features and advantages of your product. Write on how your product solves various purposes and roles of your product. Be specific in providing details about your product and explain to them how different it is from other company's similar products.


Pricing is another significant step after establishing the features of your product. Pricing should be made by comparing the competitor's product price. The amount that you fix should not be too high that consumers find it difficult to buy through your product has attractive features. The price must include advertising charges, packing, delivery, and promotional offers. This is another aspect of pricing, the quality of the product should be so good that consumers buy it even if the price is high, but this scenario will not happen in the products that are launched new.


So now your product is available for sale, and people are eagerly waiting to buy your product, but where will the consumers find your product? It is not just a place, you should think of selling your product at any location. Consumers should find your product in an area where they have access such as a supermarket or an online store.


People are your consumers, but you do not directly deal with them. There is someone in between your company and the consumer, and they are your staff. Ultimately, teams are the ones who will be dealing with the consumers directly at times. Even though you deliver the best product with the best quality if you do not take care of your staff, then there is a drawback. Your crews represent your company and help you deliver the best service. Hence thereby keeping your teams happy with a good reputation and remuneration helps your company achieve success.


Promotion is an essential aspect that acts as a catalyst between the company and the consumer. Create a promotional message and outline all the ways how you will advertise your company, such as online, on social media, or television. Choose the one that will give you the best promotion. Consumers promote your products if they like your product and are impressed with your service.

So, it is right for you to go for the best 5 P's of the marketing strategy case study to go lucratively in your store. But before that, you need to have in-depth knowledge about this specific subject as this is one of the main disciplines of marketing management. This helps the organization estimate (in a tentative way) their target. Also, the organization should make sure that they are selling the right kind of product that's in high demand in the market at that particular time.

Understanding Marketing Strategy for Your 5 P’s Product

Step One:

Program Marketing customers must be targeted first. Know who your most important audience is. Then communicate with the audience using proper communication mode based upon the needs of the marketing plan and the customers. Requirements of your customers should be identified and addressed even though they have different needs. For instance, clients need the best item inclusion at the typical cost, and Wholesalers need great composition at an extremely aggressive price that will enable them to offer in volume with a decent margin. Social marketing aims to communicate with the customer. You can post your thoughts and ideas that would give relevant information about the products. Direct, authentic messages can be used on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Other methods of communication along With Facebook, a particular audience can be reached, and you can do it very quickly. Targets can be set based on interest, age, relationship status, geographic location, and so much more.

Step Two:

Start writing A Plan and energy that several ways. Does more research work for the Better organization of resources that would probably maximize the impact on an audience? Writing down your planned activity brings your thoughts to creative ideas. Your marketing plan on paper naturally becomes a calendar plan leading to action. This planning calendar again helps with the management of the budget. Working with an idea, a budget, and a schedule can bring your sales metrics together. You become more committed when you put it in writing!

Step three:

Use SWOT to analyze your work that will help you distinguish yourself from your competitors. SWOT analysis is a technique that helps know your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In Strengths, you can include the advantages of the organization, and how you differentiate yourself from other organizations. Weaknesses should consist of areas that you could improve and avoid.

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