Integrated Marketing Communication Case Study Analysis

Integrated marketing communication is the concept of marketing planning that distinguishes the additional value of an all-inclusive plan. This plan assesses the strategic roles of a range of communication subjects and integrates all these subjects to provide clarity and consistency. It also offers maximum impact through the perfect combination of disconnected messages. As we all know, satisfied customers help a business in numerous ways. They can also be a powerful marketing asset for companies. Integrated marketing communication case study analysis effectively communicates the importance you bring to prospects with real-life issues. Combined marketing communication case study analysis is the most excellent investment you can make in marketing collateral. This is an example of the best and effective way of creating physical evidence for a brand, organization or a company.

Surprisingly, integrated marketing communication case studies are economical as they can be recycled in many different ways. It will, in turn, increase your ROI and get you a big boost. Integrated marketing communication approach helps companies recognize the right and useful methods for communicating and building good relationships with their valuable customers and other stakeholders. Businesses usually send messages to customers and other stakeholders via their marketing mixes. Creating a perfect integrated marketing communication case study analysis communication plan is the very first thing you should carry out. Next, you need to follow listed below steps.

Set objectives:

Come up with clear goals and that will help you focus more on your communication plan. Additionally, this will motivate you and will make sure that you focus only on activities that are certain to increase the bottom line of your business.

Make your identity known clearly:

You should express the status of your business through its logo, catchphrase, and use of bright colors. You also need to ensure all these things fit your business right and are used regularly on business cards, brochures, your website, and other marketing items. It is suggested to use only a single slogan and make sure that your logo fits well into your color preferences.

Communicate your message effectively:

You should think twice about the words you want to communicate to your precious consumers and stakeholders.

  • What is important for consumers?
  • What benefits are the consumers particularly interested in?
  • How do you want them to observe your business?

After that, include all these details in brochures, your website or other marketing materials. This will give consumers and chance to know more about your business. Consequently, you will have their trust in your business solutions and this is vital to get more sales.

Make your position:

To attract new clients, you need to create awareness and visibility. You can make your standing stronger in the market with the help of free publicity, campaigns and your website. On the other hand, you need to be cautious that your marketing communication efforts reach the right audience. Target audience represents the people that are certainly going to buy your products. Have in mind that, it will be helpful only if your message and marketing approach is reliable and add to your bottom line.

Establishing connections:

It is essential to keep your existing customers rather than creating new customers. It is good to start an online newsletter and allow all the clients know about your special offers and the latest news about your business. A thoughtful newsletter makes the consumers’ impression stronger, reliable and consistent.


As days go by, things will regularly change for your business. But if you have a right marketing communication plan with set objectives, resources, and a well-planned budget, it will help you stay focused all the time.

The integrated marketing approach is being adopted by both small and large businesses and has become popular amongst organizations marketing consumer products and services. Co-coordinating, all these marketing communications efforts will help companies stay away from duplication. Also, it will help take advantage of synergy amongst promotional tools and formulate successful marketing communication programs.

Consumers generally make illations about a specific product only by it’s:

  • Design
  • Look
  • Performance
  • Pricing
  • Service support.

Essential tools for integrated marketing communication:


Advertising tools can get your messages clearly to target audiences using radio, television, free magazines, internet and other mobile communication technologies. This kind of marketing will help you reach a significant number of consumers.

Sales promotion:

Sales promotion is used to speed up beginners and short-term sales, by building up brand awareness and promoting repeated buying.

Development of sales is usually done through:

  • Public events
  • Contests
  • Coupons
  • Illustrations
  • Demonstrations
  • displays
  • Premiums.

Creating public relations:

Press releases initiate integrated marketing communication case study analysis communication, public appearances and event sponsorships to build trust by presenting the product/service, business or marketer in a positive light.

Direct marketing:

This kind of marketing tool makes use of emails, catalogs, promote immediate responses to television and radio to reach a targeted audience to boost sales and examine newer products and other formulated marketing strategies.

Personal selling:

This tool helps organize sales appointments, meetings, making picture-perfect presentations and any direct communication, to reach your target audience and building your relationship with your precious clients.

A comprehensive, integrated marketing communication case study analysis can generate message consistency in a stronger way. It will also help build brand equity and produce greater sales impact. It will also unify the organizations’ brand images and messages. Integrated marketing communication improves the business’s ability to reach the right audience with the right messages in the right location and mainly at the right time. The implementation of integrated marketing communication is indispensable in today’s business world.

Thousands of customers given messages from many advertisers every day. It is common to separate the unwanted signals that don’t appeal to a specific interest. At the same time, marketers need to make sure that they are doing everything possible they can to reach their valuable consumers at a time when they are attracted to their value proposition. From the above discussion, it is certain that integrated marketing communication case study analysis dramatically helps for lead generation, sales support and publicity that a marketer needs in fact.

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